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2006 Michigan Youth Hunt

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Default RE: 2006 Michigan Youth Hunt

Here are the winning letters:

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a 13 year old girl and I live in Grosse Pointe , Michigan . The reason why I think you should pick me is because I would love to shoot a deer. It would be a bonus for me if it was a buck because I would be the first person in my family to shoot a buck; but I would still love to shoot a doe because it would be my very first deer! I have been waiting a very long time to hunt. Every year I would sit in a blind either with my mom or dad for the experience. It has been a challenge for me because I have an older brother who can hunt. This would be a dream for me because where my parents hunt there are not that many deer. I love to go up north for being in the outdoors and to take pictures of the wildlife. Thanks



I have a daughter brittany that turned fourteen in October. She has been going hunting with me since she was little. Unfortunatley she has never been with me while harvesting a deer. Well this year I was ready to put her on her own in a blind and I did. I sat close where I could see her but out of range. Well I guess I gave her the wrong blind because a herd of deer came and stood out of her range and right in front of me. There was nothing that I wanted and I could see her looking with all hopes that they would turn and come her way.

Heres the bad part. The place where I hunt is on private property but it is not mine. The owner leases it to a couple other guys sometimes and I have always had permission after building the owner a house at a very good rate. Well the hunters never hunted this year and it was toward the seasons end so I put her in a blind that has been on the property for years.

Back to the story.
After she sat and watched the deer in front of me the deer eventually left the area and headed into a nearby bedding area. I walked over to her and seen her excitement and told her to just sit there as evening was approaching and might offer another opportunity. It wasnt but a few minutes later out of the blue as luck would have it, here comes one of the leasing hunters. I watched as he walked up to her and made her get out of the stand. I walked up to see what was going on and he claimed he had some bait in the area and this was his little section of woods... so I gave it to him to save an argument in front of her. I finished with him at later a later time.

Anyway, I am interested in taking her hunting where she wont be thrown out of a hunting area. I would also like to see her get a nice buck!


__________________________________________________ ______________
Congratulations to the winners!
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Default RE: 2006 Michigan Youth Hunt

09-23-2006, 02:10 PM
This morning at 7:30 a.m. Brittany harvested a 6 point buck. Pictures to come at a later date.
Thank you to all the sponsors who made this hunt a success!

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________
(From, Brittneys dad)

Well first of all I would like to thank John for a great time! He is a great guide and a very caring person. My daughter had a great time as well. John was a heck of a guide and even took us fishing, letting Brittney land about 15- 20 salmons. Best of all was the preparation, scouting and the time he took to help guide her in taking down a nice 6pt buck. The look on her face after shooting that buck was out of this world.

I must be honest here..... I was skeptical about taking Brittney on this trip as I myself wondered, "why would these guys do this for these kids." I thought that there had to be a catch, so I asked John and Ernie from Day in the Swamp, why, why would you do this for these kids? They pointed out about how the sport is dying and how they want to pass the sport on to the next generation. They also pointed out how there are so many young kids that are sitting and wasting their lives playing video games because they never had the opportunity to go hunting. Ernie also explained as he held back tears, about how his father taught him to hunt and how he would like to give the same gift to others. He worded it best when he told a story of a Grandfather and grandson that he took on a hunt. He said after the young boy harvested a deer, the grandfathers head swelled with pride and the grandfather cried tears of joy. Ernie said at that point his own wife looked at him and whispered, " now I think I understand why you do this."

Well I can tell you that these guys have two of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. These two guys put the word sport in sportsman! These guys care about this sport and go out of their way to pass the hunting tradition on to the next generation. I am overwhelmed in knowing that there are guys out there that take this much pride in this sport!

While watching John fish, I noticed that most of the kids at the fishing hole knew and respected him. I also noticed that out of all the people fishing, John and the kids that knew him were about the only ones catching fish. My guess is that he probably taught most of them how to do it. I also noticed that most of the kids would release the fish, "above the dam"..to help the salmons trip upsteam easier...just as John would.
John, I have always taking all my girls hunting and fishing with me, but you my friend showed me a whole other side of hunting in a way that I never seen it before.......You have showed me that its not all about me...its about them!
God Bless!

Pics will be posted soon and maybe the video of the hunt! Thanks again!

Youth Hunter with proud father!

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Default RE: 2006 Michigan Youth Hunt

that is awesome, congrats!
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Default RE: 2006 Michigan Youth Hunt

10-17-2006, 09:50 AM [/align]

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Youth hunt 2OO6 [/align][hr]

Hi my name is Eric my daughter got picked to do the youth hunt.I am replying to tell you that this was a hunt of a life time for myself and my daughter.I will start of by telling you she did not get a deer.That was the only bad part of the whole weekend. Iwill start of by telling you she had many chances to shoot from a large doe to a spike horn up to a good 6 point.She has spent many hours in the woods but when it came down to it buck fever was to great.She felt very bad that she let down everybody.I told her that she did not let anybody down it was just part of hunting. Dad felt really bad but did not tell her.The reason that she got buck fever is that she wanted it that much more then someone that would just shoot and have no emotion.Back to the hunt.When John called us my daughter was beside herself.The many phone calls from John and his friend Ernie(from Day in the swamp taxidermy)made Sarah that much more excited to get up ther and start hunting.We got up there early so Ernie invited use over. After ten minutes I felt like family.He set her up with one of his guns better suited for her and she fired of a few rounds.Then we went over to the place that she was going to hunt with that help of his neighbor Rich and saw 16 deer with one nice 6 point.That made her not sleep much.I want to say right now that the time that John, Erine and Rich had spent to setup scout and host myself and my daughter was more than most people would do for people they don't even know . I guess that it was for the love of hunting and getting others involved in it ( my daughter Sarah) .The youth hunt was what they had to offer and it was the time of our life. It was the best opportunity for a youth that you could ask for.The friendship that we made was hard to put in words. For people that up until that weekend we did not even know that would do so much for us and other youth hunters for the true love of hunting and friendship.I still am having a hard time expressing my thanks for everything that you did for us.I also thank Erines Wife for opening there home for Sarah and I along with filling our bellys with fine cooking.Just like Brittney the other youth hunter the guys took time dring the day to take Sarah fishing to catch some salmon.To watch my little daughter reel in those fish was nothing short of amazing.I could talk much more about everything they did for us but i dont have time to tell it. But what I would say to everyone that has a youth please think about involving your kids in hunting with this youth hunt it is a chance of a lifetime to hunt and make friends that live to hunt and share it with others. Thanks again!!!! We will never forget [/align]
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