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St.Barnard 08-01-2006 10:06 PM

have a couple of 4" pvc feeders, but they are easy to get knocked around on the trees, and sometimesendup sliding up or down higher than I want them. Main problem though is that they don't hold enough. Mine are about 5' long, with cap on top, and either a "Y" fitting close to bottom, or sometimes I just cut lower end half way into, heat and form a sort of funnell to dampen the flow out. Is there any other designs that you guys use that have worked well? Have made them out of 6" pvc before, and they hold more, but the schedule 40 grade 6" pvc is a little expensive for the fittings. Have a tripod feeder out, but would like to set up another site or two without going to the tripod expense. Just wondered if you guys used them, and how you made them.

timbercruiser 08-02-2006 06:31 AM

Take a piece of 8" PVC and on the bottom end cut a V into it. Cut a round piece of wood and place inside the bottom and screw it in from the side. Fix a bottom tray about 18 or so inches square and screw it to the round bottom. Use treated wood. You will need to get the size of the V just big enough the corn will flow out, but not too much. If you cut too deep you can take a piece of aluminum and screw it over part of the V to help adjust the flow. Make a top with two pieces of wood, one that fits into the top making it harder to get off by rodents, I cover my top piecewith a piece of aluminum to keep it dry inside, and you may need to put a brick on top. I wouldn't make the pipe over about five feet long. No fittings needed.

uncle matt 08-02-2006 06:45 AM

Arubber bungee cord willgrip and hold the tube up well. It is cheaper to use the thinner plasticpipe used for drainage. I found some pieces behind my shop, they're male/female hubbed.

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