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Favorite place to set up

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Default Favorite place to set up

What are your guys favorite places to hang that treestand? Hunting 30 yards off a food plot? Hunting in the thickest area you can find? Watching over a trail from a thicket to a cornfield? What is your most productive spot?
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

I have several favorite tree stand locations on my land. One is at the beginning of an old logging road the cuts through the timber going from a corn field to another crop field. Another is a new logging road that comes off a corn field and turns and follows a creek creating a corner. I'm set up right past the corner. Also have two tree stands set up on 2 other corners just inside the timber bordering a crop field and another on a thick 1/2 mile long timbered fence row where there is one opening for the deer to come through. All are set up for easy entrance and exit, different wind directions and I have been successful on all these spots the past 5 years. You can't have too many favorites.
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

Here are my favorites,


Food source. I like hunting right at a white oak that is dropping.
I also like hunting at apple trees.

Depending, if it is a morning hunt I like hunting funnel areas that have trails returning to a bedding area.

I also like hunting trails, in the late afternoon,that lead to open fields if I've been watching deer enter that field in the early evening.
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

Depend on the time of the year! I am a hards woods kind of guy which led to and from bedding areas! During the rut I like travel corridors between bedding areas! I love watching bucks chasing does right before the rut..........talk about a RUSH! Early in the year entrances to feeding feilds in the evening. Find what works best for you and capitalize!
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

my favorite to hunt is where the deer are
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

Anywhere I can go to get away from all the "BS" of everyday life!!!!!!!
But seriously, if I can find an area near a food source with plenty of sign and were different trails intersect, I like to get about 20 yards off the trails nearest to the food source.
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

I would have to say my favorite place to set up is on an oak flat or oak ridge when the acorns are starting to fall. I believe the sound of the falling acorns attract the deer as well.
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

Early season I like field edges, to catch them feeding, or to spot another trail they're using to get to the field. Later on I'm in heavy travel corridors. I try to stay away from bedding areas, I hate jumping bedded deer.
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

My favorite stand locationfor archery season is catching the deer moving to and from food sources.

My favorite stand location for our high pressure deer seasons here in PA is finding the thickest security cover I can find and sitting from dawn to dusk. It's amazing how calmly the deer move in the middle of season in the thick stuff.
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Default RE: Favorite place to set up

I have three good tree stand spots and two ground bind sites.
One of my trrestands is near a ridge what I call dead does point it has a swamp off to my right and clearing to my left.
The other is in a oak holler where there are trails all over and a bedding area not too far away to my left.
The 3rd one is at the edge of a swamp where I can see them coming and going.
My two ground blindsare set-up in two seprate medows, one of them is kinda back in the thicket I may not see whats behind me too good but from right , left and center I got it covered real good.
The second ground blind is between two trees in the middle of a medow.
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