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tschaef 05-27-2006 09:09 AM

land ownership
I'm not a big fan of public land, luckily I have access to 2 private spots to hunt.
I just got a call from one guy that owns 100 acres of swamp that we hunt, he has permission from neighbours for another 400 acres (the good land). Well, 1/2 of the good land is up for sale (maple and oak hardwoods), and we would be screwed if another hunting party moved into the area.
Now I'm faced with a very big decision, take a loan for $25,000 to buy 1/2 (100acres) of bush that I've been hunting for 15yrs (with no road or water access), or basically get pushed out and use what we have for waterfowl only.
One friend called it a no brainer, buy the land, and I agree, I desperately want a piece to call my own. On the other hand, I'm 30+ yrs oldrenting a basement, I would love to get laser eye surgery, and my teeth could use some aesthetic work. On top of that this land is a 2 1/2hr drive one way.

Being out there is my passion, I live in the city but leave 9 out of 10 weekends to get away from everything. I'm told that I'm always welcome at a few places, but I'd like to be the host rather than the guest some day.

Any thoughts, I'm not looking for financial advise on this site, just wondering if any of you are as hard core with their passion as me to consider buying hunting land before a home.

bawanajim 05-27-2006 09:18 AM

RE: land ownership
Thats not even a question.

Buy the land & eat soup you don't need teeth.

kevin1 05-27-2006 09:37 AM

RE: land ownership

ORIGINAL: bawanajim
Thats not even a question.
Buy the land & eat soup you don't need teeth.
No brainer in my booktoo.
Go get that loan , your decendants who hunt will also thank you forever .

James B 05-27-2006 10:09 AM

RE: land ownership
I bought a 100 acres about 20 years ago. Its right on a Mule deer runway. I have sure never regreted it. I have access to several thousand acres of private land but things can change and whatever happens, I have my hunting spot.

MOTOWNHONKEY 05-27-2006 10:17 AM

RE: land ownership
You can't go wrong buying land, It will go up in value and you have the piece of mind of having your own hunting spot.

Criggster 05-27-2006 12:07 PM

RE: land ownership
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Wait a minute. Don't just jump up and run a race because you hear the gun go off!! Get the facts first! You stated that this land has no roads, but does it have an easement or right of way in from a main road? If not you would be landlocked. So, in the event that you lost the access from adjoining land you would own a piece of property that you could only set foot on if you own a helicopter. If you want the land make sure you will have legal access to it. Do your homework first then enjoy the land.

tschaef 05-27-2006 01:27 PM

RE: land ownership
Thanks Criggster, but we have a verbal from the seller that an easemet (4 wheeler trailer) would be written into the deed. There is alot more to think about than that, it is a 200 acre lot that I would own 1/2 of, and I'm single and hate my job. What if I find my dream job on the net 1000 miles away? I would have to negotiate with long time friends that have entertained me for more than a decade, or walk away and own a portion of land that I can't use.
The partnership would be between only top notch people, so we don't want to spend a bunch more on land surveyors, severance taxes, etc.

jjantzen 05-27-2006 01:47 PM

RE: land ownership
You definitely want to buy it. I'm 16 and I'd buy it myself for $250 an acre. Around here most land is going around $2000 an acre, so this is dirt cheap.

nctaxi 05-27-2006 05:51 PM

RE: land ownership
You need more than a four wheeler trail easement. Check the local land laws, here in NC you can't sell land without a regular easement.

txjourneyman 05-27-2006 08:11 PM

RE: land ownership
My wife and I are looking for a new home and we can't afford much but I am really trying to find something with a small patch of woods so I'll always have a place to hunt. Here in Tx leases are getting rediculous so having my own land means alot to me. Get the land if you can.

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