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Albino bucks

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Default RE: Albino bucks

Interesting post. I started reading it and it immediately pulled me in. [&:]

A piebald deer is not genetically inferior.
Are you sure about this, ahankster? I've read numerous articles which state the opposite. According to what I've read, piebalds have a series of common health problems, including joint problems and cronic eye infections. Furthermore, their legs are often times shorter than other deer.

As far as killing an albino or a piebald, somebody mentioned that perhaps they're protected so that more people have a chance to see one in their lifetimes... I'll go out on a limb an say that most hunters haven't seen a 200+ inch trophy whitetail,either (including myself). Does that mean we should let THEM walk if they happen to stroll by our stands during hunting season? The state governments ought to outlaw killing BIG BUCKS too!
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Default RE: Albino bucks

I know I'd be so mad and depressed if that magnificent albino buck was puttin' round my stand
Yep, I think I'd have to shoot that bruiser and spraypaint him brown.

Be hard to let a 200 inch 8 point go.
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Default RE: Albino bucks

I certainlydo not have any credentials as a "Whitetail Biologist" but I do have a fair amount of experience and knowledge. Also have access to biologist on our staff.

The issues you bring up, joint problems, eye problems and disease are generally attributed to albanism, not color phase. I have heard that piebald's have some of the things you speak of, but the experience and what we have seen with piebalds is that these things are not connected with being piebald. It may be a geographic feature that occures in certain locals. True albino's do not have the gene for normal coloration and do not produce the enzyme responsible for skin, hair and tissue coloration. Albinism is the total absence of body pigment. The eyes of an albino are pink, because blood vessels behind the lenses show through the unpigmented irises.

Not all white deer are true albinos. Some white whitetails have normally pigmented noses, eyes and hooves. This is a genetic mutation for hair color but not other pigments. Most piebald deer are not totally white, they are only partially so. It is kind of like the pigment of the hair on their bellies and inside their ears didn't get the signal as to where to start or stop.

One would also think that piebalds would be easy prey because they are in stark contrast to their surroundings and other deer. We have found that they are harder to kill because they somehow know that they are so easy to spot.

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Default RE: Albino bucks

Hank- I am not disputing that there is a distinct difference between an albino and a piebald. Nor am I questioning what makes an albino versus a piebald. I understand all of that. I am simply stating that I have seen many different sources which have stated that, like albinos, piebald deer have health issues and have an inferior genetic makeup. My former beliefs could be inaccurate though.
I've been known to make mistakes before- just ask my wife.
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Default RE: Albino bucks

here in wisconsin if it would have brown patched it could be legally shot and if thats the case i would get him a full body mount
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Default RE: Albino bucks

id love to see an albino n e thing around my place
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Default RE: Albino bucks

Piebalds and Albinos are, genetically, very different...Maybe a reason some piebalds have trouble in the wild is because of their color...I would love to hear from a real Biologist this is a very interesting subject...
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Default RE: Albino bucks

Yea its the same in IL its illegal to shoot them. It's definatly interesting to see them but you don't want them in your herd so I personly think they should change that law.
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