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shot gun slugs

Old 03-24-2006, 09:49 AM
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Default RE: shot gun slugs

ORIGINAL: BEARBUSTER66 Hey guys, i just ordered a slug barrel for one of my shotguns, i plan on shooting a 2 3/4 sabot shell. what load do you guys use? It's been years since I've had a slug gun.... thanks joe
There's not enough info provided for an accurate answer.

Bear, when you say "slug barrel" what exactly are you talking about?

a) traditional slug barrel? (smooth-bore w/ rifled-sights)


b) fully rifled slug barrel? (rifled-bore & rifled-sights or rifled bore w/

Shooting sabots out of a smooth-bore will many times deliver results such as OHdeerguts obtained.

There are different slug barrels out there from different companies. They are not all rifled the same and therefore do not perform the same with similar ammo. What works great in one, may not in the next and therefore,testing is necessary to get your set up finely tuned.

But there are some "short-cuts" and they all start with information. Other folks information & leg work! I will give you this as a freebie - you can thank me later.

I can't think of anyone on this site that is more of a slug-head than jcchartboy. The guy lives, breathes, eats and cr*ps slugs and slug guns. He is a human slug encyclopedia! I will ask him to contact you with a PM.

I don't know the barrel you got but my latest endeavour withanother slug gun was an old Mossberg 12 gauge pump that I fitted with a slug barrel w/ cantilever scope. The barrel I happened to choose was a Mossberg brand factory bore sighted w/ crumby 3-9X Bushnell scope (crumby scope atleast for shotgunning in my opinion). It was bore sighted really close andrequired very little fine tuning. It seemed to absolutely love the 2-3/4 inchRemington Buckhammers. I was VERY happy with it, butwill fit it with my prefered scope before next season, a straight 4X.
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Default RE: shot gun slugs

Lightfield Hybrids have worked best for mine but your may be different. I shoot a remington 870 with a rifled barrel and they are deadly accurate.
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Default RE: shot gun slugs

my 1100 with the rifled canterlever barrel likes rem copper solids 2 3/4.sabots.

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Default RE: shot gun slugs

Hey Guys,

First, I would like to thank Uncle Matt for the kind invitation to this thread.

Secondly, he has already pointed out that is important to give us more info on your specific gun/barrel in order for us to give your the most personalized responses.

However, generically these sabotsare a great place to start assuming you are using a rifled barrel and sabot slugs...

"The first to try would be..

Winchester Partition Golds
Remmington Core Lokts

TheLightfields are great generic slugs, they seem to work well in many guns. Unfortunately they are sub-par when comparing down range trajectories to other premium sabots.

Winchester Partitions group very well out of the right guns and have great down range trajectories.

Remmington Core Lokts group very well out of good amount of guns and have possibly the best down range trajectories available."

Lastly, I would recommend simply using the search feature located on the top of this forum and searching under "slug" "sabot" "rifled shotgun" etc. You will find pages of relevant information.

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Default RE: shot gun slugs

Sorry for the lack of information, the gun is a Mossberg 835 with a factory rifled barrel with a canterlever scope mount and a swift 2-7 scope, I really plan on using it this spring for black bear(well for my son, I like black powder for bear) but think I might use it deer season too! thanks for all the help. I had a 1100 years ago with a hastings barrel on it and every scope i put on gun got destoryed from the recoil.And with all the new brands i don't where to start! thanks again joe...
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Default RE: shot gun slugs


Good info, one of the most important pieces of information concerning a rifled slug barrel when considering which slugs should perform best is the rifles rate of twist.

Your gun has a 1-36in rate of twist. This is similar to the mossberg 695 bolt action guns, as well as the Savage 210's etc. Any shells that shoot well in those guns with similar twist rates should perform well in yours.

I can tell you from experience that the three sabots I mentioned above will certainly be three of the top choices that are currently available....
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Default RE: shot gun slugs

I shoot the Remington CoreLokt Ultra sabots out of my 20 gauge and the seem to shoot great. I've killed several deer with these. They shoot like 1900 fps. which is about the fastest you can find in deer slugs.
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Default RE: shot gun slugs

Alot of good info here.
Couple things that have made a big differance for me when sighting in.
If your going to spend the money on 3-4 boxes of sabot slugs make sure you clean the bore after every 2-3 shots - Tops.Also let the barrel cool between shots. You want to duplicate actual hunting conditions with the gun(cold barrel). One other thing - Start at 40-50 yrds - Not 75-100yrds.Those 3 things from my experiance can make a huge differance when testing different slugs for accuracy. Good Luck
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Default RE: shot gun slugs

[align=center][/align][align=left]Another vote for the Lightfield Hybirds.[/align][align=left]I shoot them in my Remington LT-20 and they are awesome! Super accurate and deadly on game performance.[/align]
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Default RE: shot gun slugs

ORIGINAL: White-tail-deer

Give the Lightfield Hybrids (White Box) a try.
I'll second that.... Also try the remington buck hammer. Bot has alot of knock down.
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Quick Reply: shot gun slugs

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