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I need your oppinion

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Default I need your oppinion

Hey ya'll I am in college, and I'm preparing a pesuasive speech on hunting. I need your oppinion on what drives you. What is your favorite aspect of hunting. Be it the challenge, the meat, the kill, or just love for the outdoors. Help me out and let me know what you think.......Thanks a bunch.
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Default RE: I need your oppinion

For part of your speech, if you wanna get religion involved, you can use Genesis 9:3 (I think), But look at the whole Genesis chapter 9 (its not very long)

For me, it is the hunt that is the most exciting. The scouting, the preperation, the anticipation, belnding yourself with the surroundings, choosing the perfect animal...the hunt, for sure.
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Default RE: I need your oppinion

Well I definately love my venison so that sweet meat is a big priority. But as I've gotten older and my boys and nephews are now participating and comrodorie and the deer camp experience has become a huge part of it. And we do all enjoy the challenge that isdeer hunting.

But I have ALWAYS enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of Mother Nature's gift to us. Whether a harvest is made or not.

I think you're speech will be more warmly welcomedby non-hunters (or maybe even anti's) if the word harvest is used rather than kill.

But you specifically want the favorite aspect? The comrodorie and camp experience of being out there with so many of the guys I love.
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Default RE: I need your oppinion

Here are a few.

The challenge {especially hunting on public property}
That moment when I take aim after hours of scouting and waiting.
The meat and smile on my wife's face when I score.
The quiet time sitting in my stand.
The other species of wildlife that can be observed.
The quiet wait one hour before dark as you hear animals walking around.
The communion with God as I sit in the school of silence.

I've tried out many churches this year ;as good ones are rare. So far my favorite seat in the church is this one. I sit with my Bble in hand and get very blessed.

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Default RE: I need your oppinion

I see things spending all day in the woods that most people will never see and I am not smart enough to put it into words. It is almost spiritual to sit on a ridge watching the woods wake up and come alive. The challenge of matching wits with a quarry with superior senses is also something that appeals to me. You have a real sense of accomplishment because it is so hard to be consistently successful.

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Default RE: I need your oppinion

VT Ridges
Amen...very well worded.
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Default RE: I need your oppinion

the reward of a kill is what drives me the most
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Default RE: I need your oppinion

One day this last deer season I left the house for an afternoon hunt and it was in the 20's and snowing sideways. It was great. The feeling rushed over me that this is what it is all about. I was made for this stuff. I wasn't heading out to shoot a deer, I was heading out into the snow just to be in the woods. I knew I wasn't likely to shoot anything but there wasn't any place I would rather have been.

God leaves his evidence for us all through nature. All we have to do is open our eyes and see it.

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Default RE: I need your oppinion

For me it is not so much the harvest as it is the chase. I enjoying the challange of hunting an animal that has a nose 300 times better than any blood hound and the eye sight of a hawk.

Hopefully if all goes well then I have some meat in the freezer by the end of the season.
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Default RE: I need your oppinion

in order of my priorities:
time in the outdoors
time with friends doing what we love to do
challenge of the hunt/reward of the kill
venison in the freezer
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