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Most deadly........

Old 03-08-2006, 07:00 PM
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Default RE: Most deadly........

ORIGINAL: nchawkeye

I have dropped them with a .22 and 40 grbullet into the brain....
hmmmmm, last time i checked u couldnt shoot deer with a .22

can u explain this one for me nc?
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Old 03-09-2006, 04:40 PM
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Default RE: Most deadly........

a pea shooter!!!!
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Default RE: Most deadly........

High powered rifle by far. Bullet weight means nothing in and of its self. You also have to consider velocity and bullet design. Hi powered rifles have better ballistic coeficients and better designed bullets to perform in game. They create more hydrodynamic shock while still penitrating well. I have used everything but buckshot and the centerfire rifle is much more effecient and effective.

Any of the weapons you listed will kill well if used for thier intended use and the projectile is placed in the correct spot. However a centerfire will be more forgiving if you make a less than perfect shot. It will also have a better chance of dropping a deer on the spot. It's never a given, but the chances are better with the center fire.

After that I would say a modern inline with the proper bullets and charge, then a rifled slug gun with modern saboted bullets (very close to the inline in performance), then a slug gun with standard lead bullets and sabots, then a smooth bore slug gun with rifled lead slugs. And lastly the bow, only because of the short range and skill required. I have no use for buckshot at all on game.

Those are my opinions anyway.
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Old 03-09-2006, 05:47 PM
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Default RE: Most deadly........

With an optimum shot placement they are all equally deadly. A deer dosn't have a chance with all of them and that is all that matters.

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Old 03-09-2006, 08:43 PM
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Default RE: Most deadly........

a sabot slug IMO. 400+ grains and it's good out to 125 easy, after that the drop starts to increase quite a bit.
every deer I've shot with a slug has gone no more than a spitting distance. god i can't wait till deer season.

i have dropped them in their tracks with a bow but only cause i hit the spinal cord on accident. deer was trying to run but ended up running in a circle like she was break dancing or something.
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Default RE: Most deadly........

Havnt you guys seen the Myth Busters episode that deals with this?? Its very similar to the knockdown power question that is being debated here. They take a 9mm, a 12ga slug, a 22, a 223, a 7.63, and a full 50 cal tank buster. shoot all of the weapons into the water at ballistics gel, to see if youd be safe under water like in the movies if someone was shooting at you from above. 9mm you were dead until you went deeper than 8 feet in the water, then you were fine, shotgun slug they went to 12 feet with the gel, shot, and it went through the gel, hit the floor, and went BACK through the gel, AND blew apart the bullet proof glass holding he tank together. ALL other callibers the projectile blew apart within 4 feet of water impact(none of them were balistic tips...all FMJ). even the 50 cal armor buster disenigrated in the water....turned to small harmless pieces of shrapnel 4 feet into the water. The slug BY FAR delivered the most energy, and i think that its not only speed and mass, but also the fact that a slug is typically flat nosed, and hits harder thus delivering more energy on impact, as opposed to passing through and retaining much of the energy like a typical 30-36 or similar rifle would. As far as arrow being the most mass, you havnt seen my 600 grain Breneke clugs for dangerous game, not recomended for deer, but it would out mass any arrow I've seen to date. Just my opinion......largly based on personal experiance, and good ole Myth Busters.
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Default RE: Most deadly........

Deer are not made of water. That test was to see how safe you would be under water if you were shot at. It has nothing to with hunting lethality. They also did one where they shot several weapons into a pig or side of beef or something balanced on a release. This was to see how much energy certain weapons could transfer at the target. They were trying to bust the myth about people being blown backwards when shot with a gun.

This also has nothing to do with lethality of a weapon, other than it proves most weapons actually transfer very little energy to the target, or more so the target absorbs that energy. So you are not going to knock a 150 lb deer off it's feet with any weopon you can legally hunt with. You might drop it in it's tracks from shock to the nervous system, but not physically knock it down.

One of the things that determines how well something will work on game is how the bullet is constructed and how it performs in the animal. The better the bullet design and velocity the better chance you have of killing something. While a shotgun slug is heavier, it isn't as fast nor does it react the same in game because of the lower velocity and bullet design. I have seen slugs punch right thru a deer and have it run 90 yards with double lung shot. Actually doing very little damage inside the animal. Other than destroying the lungs, which is what you wanted anyway.

However do this with a high powered rifle with the proper bullets and the wound channel and trauma will be much greater, thus more effective. If you take the same rifle though and use a FMJ bullet instead it will just zipp right thru the animal in most cases. I'm sure it will kill it, but not as effectively as the bullet that was designed to expand while penitrating.

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Default RE: Most deadly........

Oh, I shoot the 600 grn gold magnums and that is the slug that punched thru a deer and it ran 90 yards before dying. My 300 grn XTP 45 cal bullets in my 50 cal muzzle loader do more internal damage on game. At least from what I have seen.

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Old 03-12-2006, 10:30 AM
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Default RE: Most deadly........

.454 cassul with 300g. hollow points......
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Default RE: Most deadly........

I'm surprised no one has asked, "Whats the distance?" Would the shot be 10 yards, 100, or say 150 yards? It makes a difference and then I could easily do some illimination.

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