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Most deadly........

Old 03-08-2006, 05:47 AM
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Default RE: Most deadly........

I would say a slug. I've seen some pretty nasty holes left after being hit by a slug.
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Default RE: Most deadly........

I would say the shot placement
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Default RE: Most deadly........

All shot @ 40yds lets say, I have some here that I recovered and they measure 72mm. Using the Winchester's BRI and some in Federal's.
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Default RE: Most deadly........

Dead is dead. I dont think one will make any animal more dead than the other.
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Default RE: Most deadly........

Whether or not an animal drops in its tracks does not depend on what weapon you are using if you have good shot placement. A shot to the brain or the spine will drop an animal in its tracks using any of the listed weapons. But a shot to the vitals from any weapon will only drop an animal in its tracks if it happens to hit the animal right as its heart beats. The extra pressure from the shot makes the blood rush to the animals head with extreme force and rupture the vessels in the animals brain. So you could shoot two identical deer with the same gun with identical shot placement, and one could run a ways before it died and the other could drop in its tracks. In effect, all of the listed weapons are equal if you have the same good shot placement in the vitals, brain, or spine. The only area they wouldn't be equal in is their ability to smash through bone, i.e. the shoulder or skull.

Here is a link to the article I got this information from a year or two ago for those who want to see it themselves.

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Default RE: Most deadly........

I would have to say they are all deadly to the point of dead.But, I would rather be shot at with any cartridge,lead bullet tip at 5 feet away standing behind and against 5 gallon buckets of sand than to do the same with a bow.
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Default RE: Most deadly........

150 grain bullet from the 308-30-06.
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Default RE: Most deadly........

Im gonna say the slug would be the most painful.

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Default RE: Most deadly........

Okay I have come up with a list of ups and downs of them all: The shot placement is the same for all projectiles other than buckshot which spreads.

Slug/sabot: Heavy weight with great expansion but does not reach high speeds(rifle speeds)
Bow: most mass but does not have speed
Crossbow: less mass Im guessing but more speed
Buckshot: lots of heavy pellets but not as much speed
Muzzleloader: good mass and decent speed
Rifle: excellent speed but less mass than the rest

Does anyone have the formula for takedown or maybe torque( something with mass and speed)? What speeds and masses are we expecting. With that info I can come up with which will have the most takedown other factors such as diameter and bone shratnel must be taken into account.
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Default RE: Most deadly........

i would have to say rifle all of the deer i have killed have dropped in its tracks but my bullet explodes the shoulders and the heart every time i actually found a bone fragment in my sausage when i was eating it
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