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Money to burn! (theoretically)

Old 03-07-2006, 03:27 PM
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Default Money to burn! (theoretically)

I am a new hunter with only a Browning 12 gauge shotgun. Lets say I have $1000 to spend.What would you recommend that I buy next?

A) Buy a rifle. What brand, caliber would any of you recommend?

B) Buy a compound bow/crossbow. Which is preferred? Im leaning towards compound bow, but my father-in-law suggests crossbow. Then I could still buy a reasonably priced rifle. What brand/caliber would any of you recommend for a rifle under $500 or so.

Im leaning towards B because I can bow hunt during bow hunting season, but the learning curve of shooting a compound bow is what bothers me.

I hunt out of state so I want to get more 'bang out of my buck', literally speaking.

Let me know what you guys think!
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

Onestly I just started to shoot a compound bow 3 months ago and i love it.. I have shot 4 3d compitions with scores 251,245,256,267(in order). I am gradually getting better. Myt shooting buddy has been bow hunting for 25+ years and he is scoreing average 220. Yuo will pic it up very easily but it is different for some people.. I suggest a compound bow its a blast...
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Old 03-07-2006, 06:03 PM
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

This is what I think you should.

1st.... buy a Remington 700 ADL in 30.06 with the synthetic stock.

2nd....Top it with a 3x9 Busnell Bannerscope.

I'm not sure how much the rifle will cost but itsa good, accurate gun and its lower priced than alot of rifles. I'm guessing you will have around $500 in it, maybe less if you really shop around for a deal.

With the money you have leftget as good a bow that you can find. I would not reccomend a crossbow. My father has one and they are boring. You will enjoy shooting the compound.
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

awwww, dont listen to windwalker about the crossbow parti got a horton and i absolutely love it! all u have to do is buy your bolts, broadheads, and go and shoot 45 or 50 rounds to get it sighted in. easy as tht. go with the rifle CROSSBOW combination. my horton only cost me 350.00 so u'll have some extra cash to scope your rifle and your crossbow. but dont forget, one shot, one kill, horton
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

As far as the compound/crossbow you have to decide how much time you want to put in it. If you think you will enjoy shooting alot and going through all the trial and error get a compound. I say this because most of they guys I know have to shoot alot during the summer to keep there skills up. And when you buy a compound your initial sucess will depend on who helps ya. With a compound I think its real easy to get going in the wrong direction depending on how much help you get from the wrong people. Too many choices and variables in the compound for me. Now if you get a good Crossbow like a horton it comes in the mail, you use there arrows and you will be busting nocks by the end of the end of the day. And after your done pull it out a week before the season just to make sure things are still ok. With a Crossbow you dont have to put in all the time to keep your skills up like you do with a compound. Just decide on how much time you want to put into the pre hunt, I would rather be in the stand then in my back yard practicing.
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

it depends on what kind of challenge you want. If you just want to fillyour tag easy, go for rifle. If you want to have a good challenge go for bow. im not saying hunting with a gun is easy, but its a lot easier than with a bow. as far as compound bows go i would get a mathews, bowtech or hoyt, they are all really good brands from what ive heard.
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

My opinion on the crossbow is based on where I'm from. Here in PA, you need a permit to use a crossbow to hunt during the regular archery season. You have to have a doctor sign the application saying you are unable to draw a compound.

Here in PA we also have 3D shoots, where you walk through the woods on a course shooting at life size animal targets. They are a blast when you go with a group of friends. I don't know if they have these in your area, but if you get the crossbow, you will miss out on that.

My father hunts with a crossbow because he injured his shoulder. He hunted with a compound for years. He has a Horton Legend and he hates it. He wishes he could still pull back the compound.

To each his own, I guess.
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

get a bow!!! YOU'LLLOVE IT!!!
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

Windwalker,anyone can hunt with a cb in Pa. You don't have to be disabled. Check seasons and dates in regs digest.
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Default RE: Money to burn! (theoretically)

No reason you can't get a good compound and a good rifle with 1000$.
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Quick Reply: Money to burn! (theoretically)

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