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7mm rem magnum

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Default 7mm rem magnum

would yall say this cartridge is to much for just deer hunting?
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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

No,works good
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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

Ive shot a few roe fawns with it, and it is OK. I would rather not shoot strait in the shoulder though, but that would be the same with any rifle.
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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

me and my friend bothshoot the ruger 7mm. if we're after the big boys, the 7mm is our go to rifle, heres two of our big boys.

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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

heres my friends, w/ his 7mm

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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

welcome deerhunter 06

it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, i own 3calibers of7mm, a 7mm-08, a 7mm rem. mag, and a 7mm STW, if i were doing it over i would probably settle on the 7mm-08, although the STW will shoot far beyond my capabilities, and that is what i bought it for, 300+ bean/corn-field shots

7mm mag to much, no, 7mm-08 enough, yes

where do you hunt, what all do you hunt, i bought my first 7mm mag in the chance i may go on an elk hunt, big enough on elk more than enough for whitetails, just my thoughts
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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

The 7mm. is definately, not too much gun for whitetails. The fact remains that many hunters use the 7mm to harvest deer and even larger game. Some people use the 300 win mag to hunt deer, and many claim that that isn't too large either. The 7mm is a great cartridge for deer. Very flat shooting and hard hitting. Anything from .243 - .54 caliber muzzleloaders have been used totake deer. You most certainly dont "NEED" a 7mm to kill deer...but a good 7mm will open up your shot opprotunities to a moreextended range than lets say a 30-30. With a 30-30 ,150-180 yard shots are possible, with a good 7mm...you can reach out and touch someone with that.....so its up to you and the way you want to hunt with it. the 7mm is neither too much or too little of gun...because that all depends on how you are applying it.
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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

The 7mmremmag certainly does have more power than required for deer hunting,but then so do many other common cartridges like the 270win or 30-06.However you can't kill a deer too dead,and the 7mmremmag certainly does a good job.I use the 7mmstw myself.
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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

another vote for the o8 here it is perfect for deer and will stop them in their tracks although the others do work i just prefer this one
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Default RE: 7mm rem magnum

There is no such thing as "too much gun!"
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Quick Reply: 7mm rem magnum

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