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Do you smoke while in your deer stand?

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Do you smoke while in your deer stand?

Old 01-03-2013, 01:17 PM
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I don't smoke, but my dad swears it's a deer attractant. He claims he once threw the butt on the ground and had a nice 8 pointer sniffing at it for a while right under his tree stand. He took the shot and bagged a nice 135 point buck.
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Old 01-03-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by buckmister
Sorry, I voted before reading the thread. I don't smoke
Same here sorry
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Old 01-03-2013, 03:08 PM
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Default Setup

Setup seems like the common thread.

Keep the wind on your nose. Then, who cares?
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Old 01-04-2013, 05:30 PM
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I don't smoke but I always dip in the stand, just a habit when I get bored to pop a lip in. I always carry a bottle to spit in though as to cut down on the scent as much as possible
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Old 01-04-2013, 05:37 PM
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I have shot many deer with a smoke going. Obvious not a great idea but........I figure I will give them a fair chance since they have no bow !
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Old 01-04-2013, 06:02 PM
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Dont smoke but chew the whole time. I just gut it. If necessary ill spit right out onto the ground. Have had some younger deer actually come up and lick my stand where I spit.
Our insurance man goes bear hunting with us and he went out one night and wore one to many clothes so he stripped down to his cut off jean shorts and red shirt and he said "ahh what the hell im not camoed up any more so ill light one up and then head out" he ended up having a 400+ pounder come into him. He dropped it right in its tracks and he has a full body mount in his office.
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Old 01-04-2013, 07:08 PM
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Wink When I used to smoke (quit 23 yrs)

No, I did not smoke in my tree stand, or on the way to the hunt either. Washed my clothing in baking soda, and they never seen the inside of the cabin either. Showered before every hunt. My philosophy was and still is, I'm in their living room, and their senses are powerful enough that I don't need to help them. Its a LOOOONNNGGG 9 months in between seasons so I treat it (my time, effort, money) with the utmost respect. Just never know about the monster that was coming in 200 yards downwind and got a whiff then turned tail. That said, I've also heard stories of guys knocking down 8's and 10's with a smoke hang'n out of there lips.
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Old 01-05-2013, 12:29 AM
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I don't smoke anymore, but used to smoke like a freight train. I always hunted on the ground and usually laying down on a hill side(I'm lazy). I think keeping the smoke low and your movements low is what counts. I don't know how many times I put a cigarette down on a log to shoot a deer. I always wore brown cotton gloves to hide hand movements. If I had to go, I kicked a small hole in the dirt and then covered it up. I remember reading a book about J.A. Hunter, a big game hunter that did guide and contract work for African governments. He was once asked about his smoking in tree stands when trying to kill problem leopards. His reply was "If they can smell the cigarette, they can smell you". After years of trapping, I would agree.
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Old 01-07-2013, 09:24 AM
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I usually dip but my friend smokes while hunting all the time

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Old 01-07-2013, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Gunplummer
.............If they can smell the cigarette, they can smell you". After years of trapping, I would agree.
I'd agree with that. Humans probably smell just as bad as a burning stogie.
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Quick Reply: Do you smoke while in your deer stand?

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