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Ever fall out of your stand?

Old 12-21-2005, 01:36 PM
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

Never. I always ascend and descend with a safety rope and my full body harness. The extra minute it takes to climb up and down is worth it instead of ending up injured or dead.
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

Back in the early eighties I was using a baker tree stand and the baker did not catch and it fell straight down the tree therefore I had to slowly inched my way down the tree. This happened several times with that stand so I stopped using it. In the spring of1994 I was sawing off a 5-6 inch diameter limb in my tree when the limb dropped after the final cut. The limb hit the back of my climber and made it kick out whereby it lost its grip and went slidding down the tree with me with it. I sprained my ankle so that fall I used a safety belt. Imissed an opportunity at a very large buck as I had to turn around to shoot it and he heard the noise from the belt movingaround the tree. I stopped using a safety belt after that incident.I finally started using a harness this year as I am getting older and realize I could easily injure myself if I fell out of a tree. I guess with age wisdom does prevail.
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

never fallen but I have gotten so scared from being up so high that it took me about 30 mins just to get from the stand to the tree to get down.
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

ORIGINAL: natava

I was talking to a gentleman the other day, who has hunted for years/all his life, & he got dizzy for about 30-45 seconds & fell out of his stand. He was in the hospital & is now back to hunting again.

I'm just wondering if I'd ever want to be in a tree stand. I fell out of a tree when I was in grade school, but I didn't get hurt b/c I was sitting on wood.
Just curious.
no and going on 30 years of hunting from tree stands
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

I just found out that a friend of mine just feel 22 feet and broke his back and colapst a lung. He was very lucky that he is just in a brace and is not paralized.
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

No, and I hope never!!
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

Not yet and I hope I don't ever.

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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

I have fallen from about 20 feet. Threw my bow on the way down and landed flat on my back. Broke my back and its still broke. I live with the pain. Prognosis is surgery might be paralized for life if it doesnt work or live with the pain and walk until a new procedure is available. I'll keep my legs a movin thank you.
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

My cousin fell out of his stand. His feet hit on each side of a log and it sprained both ankles. It is a valuable lesson about one of the many dangers of getting stoned while you are deer hunting.
I'm with you BJR224, it's scary to know we have people carrying firearms under these circumstances! That's crazy!
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Default RE: Ever fall out of your stand?

My climber is an API grand slam that is as comfortable as my recliner at home. With my full harnass, I feel very safe and secure and have never come close to falling. I get up and move as much as I want, no problem. I'm new to using a lock on and not NEARLY as comfortable with it. Once I'm on that platform I limit my movements and am very careful when I do move.
It's a dangerous game...stay safe and wear a full harnass.
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Quick Reply: Ever fall out of your stand?

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