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Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

Old 12-16-2005, 05:38 PM
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

Looks like he played the angles on the photo too, which I dont think was necessary with a buck naturally that large. The head of it is bigger than his waist. Is he a midget?

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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

ORIGINAL: vital shooter

I myself don't understand why people get upset about large acre canned hunts? Most deer stay in a area all their life and would never roam outside of an 1800 acre area.
But, If I owned 1500+ acres and could afford to put a 12ft tall fence arounditIwould do. I could build the habitat and food plots to grow monster bucks for my pleasure of doing so at the same time of keeping poachers off my land.
I don't think a canned hunt is any easier of getting a deer than if one wasn't in an open area and posted. It's the same ashunting overa food plot on open area.But the best part about canned hunts are that you can grow bruisers like the one pictured in this post. What diffrence if it is a canned hunt or posted property? Your still not allowed on either without permission. And like I said deer stay in one area most of their lifes. Unless they are forced to leave from hunting pressure or lack of habitat. Would you fish a man made lake and they had to stock the fish in it and they got no where to escape. Would you call yourself a sportsman if you caught them fish or scream sardine canned fish?
It is hard for me to understand how a real hunter would be able to justify canned hunting.Many of the high fence operations have supplimental feeders and perminant shooting stands. Go there and you can pick the buck from their book complete with trophy fees. If that is sporting then I guess I feel sorry for you. You are missing out on one of natures finest times. Chasing a wild deer in his own world where he has the advantage. Head up to the Allegash in Maine with 6" of tracking snow during the rut and plan ontracking all day/ all week/ all season. That is hunting. When you score, you know in your heart you earned it. The guy that shot the monster in this thread doesn't impress me one bit. Perhaps next year he can get a larger one in a zoo.[:'(]
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

Personally I have watched some of Jacks videos, and was not impressed with him. No dislike, but not my kind of hunting. Huge buck though, but I can't get too excited about a high fenced deer in an area that small, as compared to some of the HUGE texas raches. JMO.
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

If he wants to put a high fence up then its his business. I personally think that 1800 acres would be enough for most free roaming whitetails. Now if he has feeders places all over his "farm" and the deer aren't alarmed by a human being presant, then I think it's just plain wrong for him to feel proud to kill that deer.

With that being said, no matter how many acres I owned I wouldn't put a high fence around my land.
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

WOW I could rag on that guy forever but since it's christmas time I'll only say this CONGRADULATIONS
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

Just like Major League baseball................... juice it up brother, juice it up! I dont like it one bit.
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

I to am against automatic feeders with timers on them.But I do know many properties that have permanent stands on them to. Would you hunt a stand on private property with a timed feeder on it if it wasn't caged? I didn't know they had diffrent class deer for the amount of money you wanted to spend and pick it out of a book. My thoughts if I had a 1500+ acre ranch It would have food plots on it with miracle grow clover and grasses along with mineral blocks to build bigger antlers. Nothing would be on a timer as when fishing below a dam when it opens.Fish go into a feeding frenzy.These deer on my ranch would be as natural to roam and grow with out a time delayed feeder. Would hunting over a clover or pea plot on private opened propertybe the same as hunting over one on a caged hunt?
Is there any exception that anyone who is against caged hunts to actually hunt in one if you was offered for free to do so as if I had one set up the way I said above. How many would jump on the oppertunity to do so?
I for one would of kept that one alive as dd said for atleastone more year to spread his genes around for a while anyway.I would cut the middle man though and let him do the wild does his self in the wild.Then you wouldn't know what to excpect when hunting the caged canned area.And I wouldn't charge anyone to hunt on my caged lands and only my closest friends and family would be able to hunt it. Does this seem like a caged hunt any anti canned hunters would condone or wouldn't mind to try? One more thing. About how many deer could be supported on an 1500 acre plot?Is it one deer per acre?
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

Canned hunt? I don't know but 1800 acres is a lot of land. There's a lot of "what ifs" when trying to figure out if that buck will walk within 20 yards of your stand. Especially in thick cover - one deer in almost 2,000 acres is a needle in a haystack. Becasuse of this technicality, he'll never beat us to Boone & Crockett. That's a relief.
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

high fence is cheating...its a nice buck, but its not a REAL nice buck
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Default RE: Jack Brittinghams 225" Buck

i agree islander...in an environment such as he has made...anyone could harvest a buck of that magnitude. not anyone can prosper on public land or non fenced (high fence) private land. in my opinion, if your gonna pose for pictures and take credit for that kind of kill, you should have earned it....not told people to leave it alone until he got the chance at it. just my 2 cents
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