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Am I OK?

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Default RE: Am I OK?

i don't kill does, only trophy bucks. i don't feel bad about killing any type of hogs though. hate those little lawn killers[:@]
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Default RE: Am I OK?

To tell you the truth, I didn't really try to tame those deer. About 2 years agoI was walking in the woods behind the house ( not my property ) . Theycut some timber back there. Really made a mess of the place. It use to be really nice back there. Huge oak trees and all.

I heard something behind me. I turned around and there was this half grown fawn following me. Following really close. I stopped and it ran off. A few seconds later it was back behind me. Anyway I saw the fawn a few more times after that. It was always alone even after it lost its spots. I even got several rolls of film taken with the trail camera. It was always alone. I figured its mother must have got hit with a car or something. Maybe it never learned to fear man? No mother to teach it.

The next year it started to come to the feeder everyday at all hours. One day while watching it my hunter instinct took over. I decided to see how close I could get to it. I got within 15yds. It ran away. I moved closer to the feeder and sat there. To my suprise it came back to the feeder and started eating with me sitting there. I couldn't believe it. This was late spring. Plenty of food around soshe wasn't starving. About a month latershe started bringing her fawn with her. They won't let me pet them or eat out of my hand. I did try once or twice but decided it wasn't a good idea to get them that tame.

The kids tried to sit at the feeder but they won't come in untill they leave. They stand at the edge of the yard and watch till they leave.
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Default RE: Am I OK?

I know very good life time hunters who couldn't kill any more.They had such admiration and respect for the animal they couldn't do it any more.I am sure you are OK!You choose to do what brings you enjoyment and satisfaction!

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Default RE: Am I OK?

you can still pursue but like others said get a camera. only hard part might be if that buck of a lifetime strolls by then you might regret it
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Yep guys, its called being human. And I still argue that top notch hunters are the most humane people there are.

I have been feeling bad about taking small does in teh last year or so. I got the taste for young venison a few years ago, and love a nice first year deer. But have felt pretty upset with myself this year. But that nice 7pt I took with the bow in Sept, I have no bad feelings.
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Default RE: Am I OK?

I've seen elephants at the zoo, but I would still LOVE to hunt the mighty jumbos in Africa!

Kill those does and perhaps the temptation will go away?
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Default RE: Am I OK?

ORIGINAL: Mr. Zesterhouse

i don't kill does, only trophy bucks. i don't feel bad about killing any type of hogs though. hate those little lawn killers[:@]

Zester, do you eat pork or do youshoot them and leave them in the woods?
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Default RE: Am I OK?

I think you stated the problem. You mentioned an earlier situation where you shot a young deer and it gave up and just looked at you, waiting to be finished off. You have grown attached to these deer in an attempt to alleviate the negative feelings of that messy kill. I think at the very least you should refrain from taking young deer from here on. That would only compound the negative feelings. The desire for a clean kill is rooted as much in our own need as it is in the interest of the deer. Just remember that a quick (or semi-quick) kill at the hands of a hunter is far more humane thandeath fromdisease or from a predator or car or starvation. Deer are born to die. The live a hard life and the end comes. I have never revelled in the death of a deer myself.
You probably expected to get hammered for posting this, are you surprised you didn't? We all know how you feel and can sympathize. Just remember that you didn't make nature, it made you. Some things can't be altered. Life and death...they are set in stone.
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Default RE: Am I OK?

I would have to agree with a lot of others on here. Most hunters I know are all real animal lovers. They are someof the best people I know. I have to agree with the person who said it probably has something to do with that button buck that gave up. I'm still very new to hunting. This is my third year. I think the worst feeling I've had while hunting is when I shot a young doe with my bow and it was a gut shot. I never recovered the deer and felt terrible that my shot wasn't better and didn't kill the animal quickly. I knew that the deer would die a slow painfull death and the thought of that just makes you feel sick. I've learned a lot about myself and nature the last three years. I've loved hunting since the first time I sat in a stand and love it so much more now that I have started bow hunting. I think you're ok, if you didn't feel some remorse, then I think we'd be a little worried. Do like the other said, try hunting with a camera or just sharing the experiences with your kids, maybe just trophy hunt for those big bucks. Just do what feels right to you. Good luck.
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Default RE: Am I OK?

IMO, I think as long as the feeder is setup in your yard the deer are going to get the wrong message. Not saying feeding the deer is wrong, but the deer are not actually learning to fend for themselves. Now in response to whether your OK?
I read all the previous replies and the camera idea sure seems to be a good option. It's OK to have a change of heart regarding hunting. Taking close up pictures in the wild is very challenging. The challenge may be all you need. Good Luck.
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