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permanent blind suggestions

Old 12-05-2005, 05:16 PM
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Default permanent blind suggestions

need some suggestions on a home built blind, i just got some new land to hunt and can doalmost what ever to the land that i want to. so i was just looking for some good designs/pictures of your blinds to give me an idea, thanks
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Default RE: permanent blind suggestions

bd I am gonna go out on a limb here (imagine that) but if you "just got the land and can do almost anything" then why don't you try and be a little different with regards too caring for the land and landowner as one equal? DON'T put up permanent blinds/stands, unless they are from natural material like fallen trees, dead bushes etc... The last thing many landowners want to see is someone who trashes up their land and treats it like their own. A landowner shouldn't see ANY signs of hunters on his land if they aren't on it at that particular time. Portable treestands are ok and quickly gathered or portable blinds are ok during season. But take them down the weekend after season and don't put them back up until next fall. Nailing stands into trees or building elaborate groundblinds on the land is a recipe for losing the land. If nothing else you will be encouraging the landowner to use those blinds for their own use. While I certainly wouldn't mind if they did on occasion, why advertise your best spots too ANYONE? If you use them each weekend and the landowner/family uses them during the week sooner or later those blinds/stands will become burned out.

I can assure you that regardless of what that landowner told you, he does NOT want to see signs of you at every turn. Soone or later it is gonna get too him and eventually you will be asked to leave. Just try and remember the old boyscout motto for camping, "Leave the land better than you found it". A simple portable blind that is brushed and left for the season and then removed afterwards is MUCH better for your chances of an re-invite next season than a bunch of structures sitting out there rotting each year, year after year. It puts out the subliminal message that you EXPECT free reign each year and are assuming to be invited back. NEVER take that for granted and never pressure the landowner for such privileges.

Just my .01/2c,
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Default RE: permanent blind suggestions

Here is a pic of my semi-perm stand. I can tilt it over right into the back of a full size pick and take it anywhere I need. I have added new burlap and I am planning on building a roof for next year. Its basically 4'x4' and the floor is 9' from the ground. I am working on plans for this since me and my dad might build some more.

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Default RE: permanent blind suggestions

i know where you are coming from in the way of leaving the land the way it was, and not making it known that were where there. I have known this guy all of my life and have hunted his land for as long as i can remeber, well this past summer he purchase another section of 100 acres, half is crops and half is woods, he bought it for the feilds and has no intentions for the woods, so he gave me sole permisssion for it. Part of this woods was logged out a few years back and i am planting a food plot in there, my idea of this blind was not a place to bag a trophy whitetail but to be able to bring new hunters into the woods for there first time, and still be able to be comfortable and some what warm. I am not out there too do anything against the owner, everthing i do is with his permission and with his equipment! i hope that makes things a little easier!!
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Default RE: permanent blind suggestions

i like to make natural blinds. I'll cut down thick bushes or trim trees and basically make a brush horseshoe. the thicker the better. then i hit the surrounding area with miracle grow and try to get the weeds or veg around it to grow taller and thicker. it's cheep and looks natural and you don't have to hall a lot of crap out to the woods. i use a chain saw and a limb trimmer. for the miracle grow i use a seed spreader and pellets. as far as elevated stands. i love my sneaky sac. it's very similar to the tree saddle. i don't know how comfortable it would be for a big person but I'm 5'11" and 175 lbs and it is perfect for me. i put tree spikes up all sorts of trees. both screw in and the strap type, and hunt from them by just hanging off of one up in the tree above my head. they say you should use an actual branch to hang frombut the spikes are strong and work fine for me. nice thing about this method is NOBODY can see it unless they walk right on top of them. another piece of advice is buy a portable blind. i bought the cheapest blind on the market, ameristeps outhouse. it's a little to tight for bow hunting, your draw arm with hit the back window if it's closed, but it's perfect for gun. but let me tell you they are awesome all season long. i hit my inside with some silicone and go over the seems with seem sealer for tents. i put mine in around bushes and the deer don't even look at it twice. i was a little skeptical at first but they are worth there money in gold. work REALLY nice in the off season for scouting and turkey hunting too. you don't need to get really elaborate when making blinds or stands and you don't have to spend a lot of $$$ either. good luck and let use know how it goes my friend.
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Default RE: permanent blind suggestions

oh beleive me i use everything stand wise, i have a few climbers many fixed stands and have made many blinds out of natural resources. i am just looking for a permantent for the warmth and comfort, mobility as i intend to introduce new ones to hunting and i believe this way would be able to make the most of there first adventure into the woods with out freezing there butts off, and being confined to no movement, jsut of 2 vents though.
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Default RE: permanent blind suggestions

You will need at least a 4' x 6' area if more than one is going to be in the stand at one time. I built 4' x 6' platforms and then a 4' x 4' x 7' plywood box on top. Leaves a 2' " porch" ...a safety issue upon entering and leaving the stand. Cut windows in side as needed and then cut plexiglass windows for openings. Carpet floor, Buy a heater, swivel boat seatand your set. Stands are approx. 8' off the ground ...so steps work great for entry.
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