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Got my first wall mount

Old 12-02-2005, 09:32 AM
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Default Got my first wall mount

Hey guys, just got back from hunting this morning and finally got a big one. This is my ninth year deer hunting, and all of it has been in the same area. Yesterday, I saw the biggest deer I think I have ever seen while gun hunting, but the shot was too far and it would have been a really difficult shot. So I let the buck go. I was somewhat kicking myself for it, thinking I would never see the buck again. Yesterday, I got out of my stand at about 10:45 after sitting in the snow for about 4 1/2 hours. I had to be at class at 12:35 and had about a 50 minute drive to get there. So, on only 2 hours of sleep I drove back to school, went to class, and then went back to my apartment for a nap. Then I went to work at 7:00 pm and did not get off until 2 am, only to have to go pick up some stuff at my apartment and some handwarmers at super-walmart, because I knew it was going to be cold today. So after all that, I had to take that same 50 minute drive back home. After all that, I got home at about 3:30. I eventually fell asleep at about 4 am, and then sat there looking at my alarm at 5:30 thinking that maybe I should just skip it today. Then I told myself that since I did all that driving, I should definately go. So I hurried up and got ready and left the house at about 6:00 am. And I forgot those much needed handwarmers.
I entered the stand at about 6:20 to sit in the 9 degree weather with an awesome 10+ mph wind right in my face. It was hellish to say the least. So I sit and sit and sit, and do not see anything at all. I was starting to kick myself for my last minute decision to sit in a stand that I had only sat in once this year, and have to have my face right in the wind. Well at about 7:45 I decide to stand and look behind me where I can see for about 500 yards with the Binos. So I'm glassing these fields and see a buck and a doe about 250 yards away. The buck has a bad rack, but I recognized him. He was laying down in the field with a doe standing next to him. I thought this was pretty strange. So after about 5 minutes of watching these two deer I decided to turn back around and face the wind to check this area. And right as I turn my head I see a buck walking in. Immediately all I could think of was that it was the deer I saw yesterday. I only took a quick glance and then reached for my gun which was still behind me. I grabbed the Mossberg Slugster and was shaking, not only from the cold but also the nervousness. I picked up the gun and before turning around, I told myself, "You DO NOT miss this shot!" As I turned around the buck was broadside at about 35 yards in the clearing and didnt even see me. I got him in the crosshairs and did a sniff with my nose, which was very much running, and he stopped and I made the shot. His back legs went out and he stood up on his front legs and shaked a bit and was out within 5 minutes. Did not move an inch from where he was shot.
Immediately after making the shot and knowing it was a good one, I reached in my pocket and grabbed my cell phone and called my dad who was working. Ill tell you what, hearing how happy he was for me was almost as good as getting this buck. He is a 8-point mainframe with a 22 inch outside spread with one little sticker on the right side. I B&C scored him at a 147.75. Here is a picture.
PS. Sorry about the tongue, I didnt even know it was out and in the picture until I got home and looked at them.

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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

Awesome! I've been in that same boat where you've hunted hard and sit in bed thinking to yourself that maybe you should just skip hunting today. Although I have never bagged a large one like yours, I have had success on days when I tried to talk myself into staying home! I bet once you dropped that big guy it must have felt nice and warm outside and you never thought about the cold again!

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Old 12-02-2005, 10:07 AM
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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

Congrats on that buck!! Hes a nice one! So, you went thru all that trouble and still forgot those damn handwarmers. How much did that brute weigh in? Again, CONGRATS!!

BTW: Nice hat. I have the same exact one.
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Old 12-02-2005, 10:13 AM
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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

haven't weighed him in yet....we have had some meaty ones in the area this year though. I think its probably because all the fields surrounded and on the property this year were corn. My dad got one about 2 weeks ago, that I think is a little smaller than this one that field dressed around 175. So im thinking maybe about 190 or so.
And yeah, those dang handwarmers....I never really even use them, but I KNEW i would need them today, so I gave up another hour of sleep about just to get them to put back in the hunting chest. Oh well, I have nothing to complain about today. Thanks guys.
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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

That was a flawless hunt! I don't think tines can get any longer than that!!
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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

Good Job Vogt! Congrat's!
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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

Awesome Buck!! Congrats!! He'll look good on the wall!!
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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

Good one. Congratulations.
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Old 12-02-2005, 01:17 PM
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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

MAN thats a FINE looking buck ...CONGRATS ...YOU DA MAN !!

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Old 12-02-2005, 02:37 PM
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Default RE: Got my first wall mount

Just weighed him in at about 185 field dressed.
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