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hunting blinds

Old 11-30-2005, 08:37 PM
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Default RE: hunting blinds

Deerhunter,enjoy your youth.I hope you are still hunting thirty years from now and you'll understand.
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Default RE: hunting blinds

Let me share with you a great way to make a ground blind. I like to use a section of 4x8paint scaffolding which is about 6ft high ... I take a 4x8 piece of 3/4 inch plywood and place on topfor the floor (use 3 two by fours for a floorbrace)... I then tie a tent blind on top of the scaffolding....all in all your about 7ft high ...out of the wind and rain ... if you can find an old piece of scaffolding at a rental store you can buy them for about $50.00 ...and all in all you will have about $150.00 in this set up that you can put up or take down in less then 15 min.

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Default RE: hunting blinds

The scaffold idea sounds like it would be good after it's set up, but first you have to lug those heavy things down into the woods [&:]
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Default RE: hunting blinds

i make my blind out of died stuff on the ground i don't care anything thing in the woods while mabey a saw and some string you can make all kinds of blinds that away
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Default RE: hunting blinds

Early in the season i take a pair of hand clippers with me and cut some branches off the trees in directions i will be shooting. cut the stick end to a bit of a point and stick them in the ground all around you in a circle. Make them just high enough that you can still see clearly over them. you will also be able to see through them but this helps break up your body a bit.
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Default RE: hunting blinds

and blinds are useful at spots where you can't find a tree to put a treestand in so you gotta use a different method of concealing yourself.
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Default RE: hunting blinds

and blinds are useful at spots where you can't find a tree to put a treestand in so you gotta use a different method of concealing yourself
Yep, we're hunting land this year that has some pasture that's boardered to the north by a big row of pine trees. Unfortunately all the trees are just on the other side of the fence on someone else's property. Seen a lot of deerfollowing the tree row but still on our property. We're gonna place our popup blind so it butts up against the fence/trees.
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Default RE: hunting blinds

Here is mine.

I wouldn't exactly call it hunting, but it's effective. It is sealed to the elements, I have a small heater and I can get away with quite a bit. I can eat, stretch out if I want to, talk to my buddies on walki talkis if I want to. I even have a small radio with headphones for when I get really bored and the deer are not moving.

I can stay in this blind all day no matter what the weather is and stay dry and fairly warm. I have killed deer on days where if I had to sit in a tree stand I would have stayed home.

I don't drive my car to the blind during the season either, I was doing some work on it in the off season. We have three of these blinds on different sides of a 50 acre property.

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Default RE: hunting blinds

Heres the best blinds on the market I really like these stands.......

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Default RE: hunting blinds

Another picture of them being delivered

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Quick Reply: hunting blinds

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