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Dead deer in public view???

Old 11-27-2005, 08:41 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I just remembered about this post in the big game forum. Priz's post reminded me of it, lol

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Old 11-27-2005, 08:51 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

Well I have GOT to ask ...what is a "Priz" ???

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Old 11-27-2005, 08:51 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I'm probably relatively young here. I was born in 1967.
Excellent post C. Davis!!! This makes me feel good!!!!!! I was born in 1966!!!!!! Thanks!

I remember the first time my son saw a dead deer in "public view" he said "cool"!!!! Now this time of year thats all he says is "dad did ya see that one going the other way, he was a monster"! That was a great thing for me as well when I was young coming home from Northern Michigan, was looking at all the deer in "public view"! Kinda like Tradition. Like I said before use common sense when transporting your deer. Its like cleaning them up for Pictures. You don't want all that blood and the tongue hanging out in your Photo either do you?? Be Proud!

DON"T GIVE IN TO THE ANTI"S!!!! Thats what they want, get it???
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Old 11-27-2005, 09:29 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

well red then you better stay out of michigan during the deer hunting season we still have buck poles in most towns and most people enjoy checking out the days kills, and as well you can see stories in all the media about hunter success stories. im all for being tasteful in how you display your kill but to openly state on a internet forum that you wanna spearhead a campaign to make laws against hunters in any sense is absolutely absurd, if not down right degradeing to other hunters,,YOU ARE a prime example of why all the pc crap gets shoved down our throats, ill bet you are one of those people thats against the use of christmas break etc in our schools as well eah, your kind of thinking is the mentallity that will kill our sport, because if an anti reads this post and then quotes you in another forum then my friend you will have opened another can of worms against hunters
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Old 11-27-2005, 09:36 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

Although I live in the city my neighbors have grew up in the country. They love seeing the deer and hogs hanging out back in the place of my lawn swing. They are real nice to me around hunting season but I must turn them away for I have too many relatives that have shared meat with me from upstate New york. In Florida though we don't hang them long..too hot.
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Old 11-27-2005, 09:57 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I drive a small Ford Ranger. I don't have a lot of extra room on the bed of my truck, nor do I have high walls on my truck to hide thegame. Igot a very nice buck this year, this past Wed. in fact. Yes, the public could see it. But I had no alternative. I guess I could have put a tarp over it. I think there is a huge difference with someone carrying a buck in the back of their truck becuase thats the only way they can, and having someone tie their buck on the front hood to show it off
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Old 11-27-2005, 11:51 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

Just about what I expected, there are many "level headed" amongst our group that agree and understand how this one subject can hurt our sport. For the otherside who could care less about anything but their own little selves and showing off their own little deer to an uncaring world... I honestly would expect no less. Calling me an anti-hunter or questioning my character or intent that's to be expected. I call a spade a spade and that ALWAYS puts one in the crosshairs, so be it is my motto.

I agree that in many locales especially those states west of those bordering the MS River, it's probably not that big of a concern. The entire state of Wyoming is what 500k? Montana is barely over 1 million if even that correct? I think the Dems call the area "flyover country". I call it the heartland and only wish the rest of the country could operate that way. But NEWSFLASH guys, it's not that way. We MUST be concerned with public perception and turning a blindeye or burying your heads in the sand will only make it worse. The problems aren't going away. Our sport is under attack each and every day. I am just trying to take some ammo away from the naysayers and not give any reasons too the fence straddlers.

For those of you who posted, "Well Red you better be glad you didn't live in XYZ...". I live in TN our deer season is MUUUUUUCH longer than most of you northern guys. Our bowseason opens in late Sept and some sort of deer season is open constantly until the first or second week of January. It is MUCH more prevalent down here in the southern states than the occasional 1 or 2 week season that so many of you yanks have up there. Don't give me that, "Boy you don't know what you are talking about crap" ok? In my own section of TN we can take 3 does PERDAYeach day of the entire season from bow thru gun. Yeah I've killed over200 deer in 20 years because I have been doing my part to at least try andhelp the overpopulated herd. But that is no excuse to parade the deer around town in plain view. I think Vince Lombardi used to say it bestwith regards too his players "celebrating" after a touchdown. "It's the endzone, act like you've been there before!!!" If you need public acclaim and attention then why not take up another sport besides hunting? Really, most could care less that you were so BIG BAD AND SMART to kill that year and a half old forkhorn.

As for not concealing elk, moose or other LARGE game obviously those animals live in much more rural and remote parts of the country in which this subject is a moot point. I am specifically talking about the transportation of dead white tails through the eastern section of the country where the vast majority of our country's population resides. And yes this subject is covered in our hunters safety course, but you wouldn't know it. The rednecks are just beligerant and could care less about anything but their own miserable lives. THAT's why I think legislation is required, perhaps they won't care anymore than before. But at least after we pop that wallet for a couple of Benji's each time they will at least get a clue and become concerned...

So Maryland has such a law huh? That's interesting, gonna have to check into that. It's great to know someone has already traveled that road!!!
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I could not agree more with you Red A. I have taken probably 350 deer and have yet to display ONE. I love hunting and was born to hunt but I take no pride in having killed an animal with an I.Q. of six. I hunt for the sport and the meat and prefer not to see dead animals paraded through town. I have sometaken some big bucks but find no need and have no desire to put their head on the wall. 99 percent of the time I shoot the animal that I figure will provide the best quality of meat. Thats mostly always does and or cows. I would like to see regulation covering displaying dead animals in public. Take a picture and show it to those who are really interested. As you said, most of the people would rather not see dead animals on main street. Its no better to me than seeing them spattered on the hiway.[:'(]
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I dont see a problem with showing others their prize and for some the reason why they put it on top of their car is because well i dont know if you've knoticed this but deer a bigger then turkeys and ducks and fish and have more blood could that be why people don't want them inside there vehicle. And i admit that i hang my deer in our yard until we get a chance to take it over to my cousins to cut it up. and if you have problem with that i dont care.
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

ORIGINAL: RedAllison

This has been a sore spot with me for ALOOOOOONG time and I am about to get too the point where I might take on an endeavor to try and do something about it. What is the majority of you hunters view on the issue of dead deer being displayed in public?

I have ALWAYS thought it tasteless, un-necessary, rude and outright BARBARIC in the first place. Have I done it? In 20 years of deerhunting and haven taken over 200 deer, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have ever done it. But even then I was uneasy about it and got off the road ASAP.

I know for alot of hunters it's a pride thing. They want to show off their hard earned trophy, but too who? The anti-hunters in society only make up about 10-12% of the general public. Hunters ourselves make up only a slightly larger minority at appx 15%. That leaves the vast majority (some 75%) as being non-hunters which are neither pro nor anti hunting. They are just in the middle and don't favor with either side unless proded for one reason or another. Most are level headed and don't side with the far left "eco-nazi" animals rights activists and generally accept hunting. Many are familiar with hunting through friends/family but for whatever reason they choose not to participate in hunting. But I wouldn't say they are politically allied with us hunters either. It doesn't take much to push them one way or the other on the issue.

I am considering taking on the daunting task (or at least planting the political seeds) of getting legistlation passed in Tennessee that would outlaw the public display of any animals taken while hunting. It just urks me too no end when I see some REDNECK, backwoods, toothless, banjo pickin inbred rolling down the road in his jackedup 4x4 with a dead deer lying in the bed of the truck with the tailgate left down EXPRESSLY for the purpose of showing the world a bloodied and lifeless animal that was killed at the hands of this "hunter". It REALLY gets too me when I see the deer tied on the hood, atop the roof or strapped too a trailer or atop an ATC which is riding along behind the tow vehicle.

Duck and turkey hunters don't tie their take atop the roof of their SUVs, fishermen don't leave their gutted limits lying atop the decks of their boats for the trip home. So why should it be "acceptable" for deerhunters to do the same? I likewise think some "reasonableness" could be incorporated into the matter. If the hunter has a nice SUV or car then I wouldn't expect them to have the deer riding shotgun with them in the frontseat. I think a properly wrapped or otherwise contained animal would be totally acceptable and not out of line to ask for. There are commerical "big game bags" for just such purposes and I have several times wrapped my own deer up in a simple tarp for the trip home. I don't personally think the rack being visible would be all that bad, but at least the rest of the animal should be completely out of public sight. Many SUV and car hunters also use the various "hitch haulers" to haul their game on. I have seen many of them wrap the animals up like I mentioned so I know it's possible and others are thinking similarly too myself.

It just seems like the most stubborn and "REDNECKED" amongst our ranks have a few shortcomings in some other areas of their lives that can somehow be made up for by leaving a bloodtrail down mainstreet. Somehow in their childish little minds their dead forkhorn strapped atop their 4wheeler makes up for their obvious short manhood!!!

What is the general consensus among hunters at least?

where do you live that allows 200 deer to be taken in 20 years? Thats not very sportsmanlike and I am positive you cannot eat 20 deer in a single season..
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Quick Reply: Dead deer in public view???

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