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Dead deer in public view???

Old 12-06-2005, 10:22 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

You guy's from the south that are proud of your root's, I commend you for them, but we must consider the fact that everyperson is intitled to thier opinion and Red is intitled to his.
If we respond the way I and many on here have, It just say's The Shoe Fit's and I know it does'nt!

I have appologized to Red in another forum and maybe he will accept my appologies and maybe he won't!

I do appologize to him on this one also! RH
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Old 12-06-2005, 10:29 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

After reading the posts again,I came to the conclusion of the people who hide their deer and try to get off the main roads as fast as possible are actually ashamed of what they have done.They feel guilty and are trying to hide the facts of what they done allready.They are ashamed of what society would think of them to see them with a dead deer.Deny it if you want but that is the truth.You are ashamed and guilty of killing a animal and afraid of disapproval from the public views. Period. It's not about the blood and tongue hanging out.It's about your own guilt of what you have done and what people think of you.

LMAO yep you nailed it!! [:-]

NY....I appologize for the personal attacks on you. They were out of line and uncalled for. Although I disagree with the way you do it and your reasons, it does not make you wrong and me right. Agree to Disagree?
Agreed Gus.

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Old 12-06-2005, 11:45 AM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I don't agree at all with your take on this,in fact I strongly disagree!I am not ashamed of any thing that I kill!I am respectful of others and I want to present myself in the most favorable light to the entire community.If the sight of a dead animal may possibly offend someone why subject them to it?Just because you can and it is not illegal?We have to be smarter than that!
I am not going to force people to see things they may not want to see,or force them to have conversations with their children that their children may not be ready for yet.It is all about discretion and common sense,not about embarrassment or guilt!

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Old 12-06-2005, 02:53 PM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

Very well stated, Tsoc.

I just don't understand what it is about having a little decency and courtesy that gets these guys flying off the handle.

Ya know, I used to think that hunters really got a bad rap from the general populous. I've argued with non-hunters, sent letters to the editor, wrote term papers on the topic, etc. That said, the more I hang around here, I see that maybe people are right. Maybe there are a lot of hunters who fit the stereotypes...

Do you really have to hang your bloody deer in your front yard?? Must you really ride around with your tailgate down?? To me, it's like a type of "little man syndrome" where you feel the need to show off your kill to let everyone else know that you're a real Daniel Boone.

Like Tsoc said - that kind of behavior is only harmful. It's harmful to kids - it's harmful to our reputation as hunters, and it's harmful to non-hunters, who really don't wanna see that stuff.

You don't see 10,000 non-hunters, soccer moms, kids, and grandmothers lined up at the butcher's hoping to catch a peek of old Jimbo's trophy deer carcass, do you? No. It's because most people would rather not see that stuff. Respect your fellow countrymen.

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Old 12-06-2005, 05:00 PM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I never said anything about who started it. I don't know and I don't care. My kids used to give me that old "he started it" NO "He started it" Well this has turned into a childish bout of egos which does nobody any good.

I agree with you 100% JB
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Old 12-06-2005, 05:19 PM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

Well, I don't get it. The only thing I could say negative about hauling a deer around in public view would be towards those that are actually "parading" the carcass around for hrs simply to show it off. I can't even tell you why that bothers me other than it seems to show an ungratitude for the meat and maybe even a disrespect for the animal. Other than that I don't know of anyone that would be offended by the sight of a deer that has been harvested, most folk seem to enjoy seeing what other folk have taken. I have seen an almost traffic accident while people were fixated on a huge 10 point lying in the back of a ranger with the tailgate down cruising up 49N.
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Old 12-06-2005, 06:30 PM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I dont see a problem at all with someone showing a trophy off in public or roping it up in public view when they are taking it where it needs to go. It seems likehiding the fact that we huntfrom the public could be a MUCH bigger problem than flaunting the fact that we hunt.If the public is unaware of us hunting at all and we do it only for ourselves, then how are we going to persuade them to let us keep hunting when the anti hunters come after us. The best thing we have going for us it to keep all the people we care about, know and live by informed on the fact that we hunt, even if it is showing them and their children a dead deer on the hood of your truck. Comon its a deer not a person.
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Old 12-06-2005, 07:03 PM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

I'm getting in on this subject a little late in the game, and didn't bother to read much past the second or third page. That being said, alarms start going off in my head when I hear anybody say "I'm thinking about getting a law passed" for anything. That's the kind of knee-jerk reaction that has put so many ridiculous laws on the books already. Kids in some states can't hunt until they're practically old enough to drive because some whacko decided that they weren't emotionally stable enough to handle the impact of actually killing a "defenseless" creature and then said "I'm thinking about getting a law passed". Heck, anything other than the missionary position is illegal in some states because somebody had nothing better to do and said "I'm thinking about getting a law passed". Shall we pass a law restricting hunting only to those who drive a truck or SUV? How about one that requires changing into and out of your camo in the field so others don't get offended when you walk into a gas station or the cafe? Don't get me wrong, I don't personally parade my deer around town, for the exact reasons that you laid out. It goes in the bed of my truck, and stays there until I get to the check station. Same goes for 99% of the hunters that I see on the road. The only time I see some other hunter's deer is if I walk over and look in the truck. I think it is incumbent upon hunters to go out of our way to promote hunting in a positive light, but it should be our initiative and not another restriction (law) that dictates it. If you don't like the fact that someone has the deer out there for the world to see, try actually doing something about it yourself. Walk over and admire their success, and then engage them in a conversation about public perception. I know that there will always be that random ass, ready to bow up and tell you what to do with your opinion, but at least you can say that you tried to do something proactive instead of relying upon the goverment to do it for you. In my experience, though, I've always found hunters to be some of the most reasonable people you'd ever meet. Having said all that, I'll repeat what something that I said in a similar thread. All laws are ultimately enforced at gunpoint. And that's all that I have to say about that.
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Old 12-06-2005, 09:41 PM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

i have a jacked up yota. and i always put the deer in the back and leave the tailgate down. i like to show it off. and i like f...Deleted by CalHunter... call me a redneck. cause im proud of it. i mean what are they going to do? they can never "ban" deer huntin. as long as theres land and deer. i will always hunt nomatter what new laws they make.
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Old 12-06-2005, 10:22 PM
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Default RE: Dead deer in public view???

ORIGINAL: Born2Killdeer

i have a jacked up yota. and i always put the deer in the back and leave the tailgate down. i like to show it off. and i like ...Deleted by CalHunter... call me a redneck. cause im proud of it. i mean what are they going to do? they can never "ban" deer huntin. as long as theres land and deer. i will always hunt nomatter what new laws they make.
Of course hunting can be banned, and "hunters" like you are why that is a threat to the sport. You're talking about poaching in the future, which leads me to believe that you don't take a very dim view of it in the present. If anything, you bolster the argument for those in favor of enacting the very laws that you evidently cannot wait to violate.
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Quick Reply: Dead deer in public view???

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