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MontanaVet 11-20-2005 12:27 PM

I may get skunked this year
With all the game animals in Montana I may get skunked this year. Every year it is mule deer and elk, mule deer and elk. I started out this year trying to get a whitetail. The first legal buck I let my son harvest. He was a decent 8 point buck for someone who only shot forks before.

Now, I have one week left and I am huntingan impressive whitetail on public land. Each time another hunter messes up my hunt when I am close. They don't even know he is there and see nothing wrong with huntingnear a stranger when there are thousands of other acres available. I go all day in the woods and I even have does so close I could knife them. I just need the big boy to come take a sniff. The only real chance I've had so far is about 10 seconds and not a good shot. This week is it and he will haunt my dreams for another year. ):

Hunter_59 11-20-2005 04:39 PM

RE: I may get skunked this year
That's how those big boys get BIG! They do things a little different. I'm in the same boat. I hunt on public land and have been after some biggins for the past 3 years and something always comes up. On Thursday I was 12 yards from a 170 class 10 pt. Just didn't draw soon enough. Who knows, I may get another chance. Good luck. I wish I had the amount of big game to hunt that you do in Montana. Great state for hunting!

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