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What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

Old 11-03-2005, 10:05 AM
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Default What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

Mine was last year when I shot a doe from about 75 yds. She was standing next to brush broadside and I shot (rifle). She bolted to the left out of sight right away. Thinking I had a good shot, I waited for about 20 minutes and walked to where she was standing to see if I could see blood. As I approached the area I was looking at the ground for blood, not paying attention to anything else. I just happen to glance to my left to where she ran and there she was standing about 20 ft (yes feet) away broadside looking at me. As of that point she had seen me for about 20-30 seconds now and made no attempt to run. I scrambled to get my rifle up and finish her, but while trying to get a bullet in the chamber, I jammed my gun. Then I had to get this straightened out, took literally at leasta minute, plus all the noise of doing so. She didn't move. I finally got the gun up and dropped her in her tracks. Wierd thing is I never found the original shot on her anywhere, and there was no blood. One thing I learned though, shooting a deer at 20 ft with a .308 leaves one heck of a hole.
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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

About 10 years ago I hit a buck in the front shoulder with a full load of buck shot at 8 steps!!!!! That buck turned and went 300 yards before it died, that was about as weird as it has gotten for me. My buddy killed a nice buck that did what you discribed, he hit the deer and it stood in the field until he got another shot, it took a little while because he dropped his box of shells as he was trying to reload.
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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

I just a muley out in Wyoming last year. A good solid 75 yard shot and he went over this small hill. When I got to the top of the hill, he was standing there hunched over. It took 4 more kill shots for him to finally expire.

To be that. My brother hit a 4x5 with his truck 2 weeks ago with a Ford Duelly. He stopped and found that he had driven right over his back. The buck was still alive and trying its best to get up, but it's back was crushed. As my brother tried to get up to him to finish him off, he started "growling" as my brother put it and tried to spear him with his rack. Finally after about 30 minutes, he got it under control and was able to put the buck down for good.
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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

i had a small 8 ptr. out about 80 yards i pulled up my 06 and fired he just turned his head looked at me as i chambered another round the second shot dropped him where he stood the first shot was a complete miss, what a lesson i learned that day.
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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

i guess personally my stangest was the buck that i shot at and missed and he didnt even miss a beat, he jsut kept walking along at his slow pace

but my dad shot a buck once in a field and hit it kind of too far back. The deer stops right in the fourwheeler trail my dad was walking on, looks back at where he was shot and then looks up at my dad like "look what you did to me!" and my dad dropped him with a second shot

last year my dad shot a buck and it literally flipped over head first into the ground. he walked over to it and pulled the antlers out of the dirt
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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

One stood straight up on its hind legs and fell over backwards stone dead
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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

i had a doe (my first hunt with a bow) stand still and let me shoot at her 5 times...after each arrow she came a lil closer to me, the third shot got her but she didn't flinch so i kept shootin'...i had the fever so bad that i could barely pull my bow back...once i ran out of arrows she walked off...i knew i hit her so i started walkin' towards the area i last saw her...ended up spooking her a lil bit...after gettin' a search party out we found her.

my first muzzleloader deer (actually first deer ever) dropped when the bullet hit and then did this stevie wonder head swayin' thing, looked me directly in the eyes and then died...i almost gave up huntin' right then and there but then my husband and everyone else was so supportive that i knew i had to try it again....my 10pt this year dropped but made this howling noise from hell...it was brief, only a few seconds but it freaked me out bigtime...i didn't know deer could make noises like came out of this one.
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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

About 10 years ago, my dad was doing a soft push for me through a real thick grown up field. He jumped a buck that took the escape route where I had taken my stand. I heard dad take a shot about 300 yards away and knew something was up. A few minutes later, this buck came hopping up the draw I was watching. I shot and missed and he continued on up and over the hill, crossing an old log road in the process. I was kicking myself. Dad showed up about 5 minutes later. We were looking for blood and I had walked about 40 yards up the hill the way the deer went. All of a suddenI look up and here's this same buck sneaking down the old log road. I ended up putting him down with one shot at 45 yards. For the life of me, I don't know why he came back. We looked him over real good and the only wound was the killing shot I had made to his spine( almost missed him again!). That was as strange a thing I've seen one do. He had gotten away if he'd just kept going into the thicket he was headed to. Bizzare...

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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

There are 2 instances here.

1. I killed my frist deer. She came out of the woods to the left and front of me, she was looking at me, but then went to feed. I only ha da head shot at the time, so I just kept watching here. This was a huge doe. Anyway as time when by she finally turned some to where I could hit the kill zone. Of course I was nervous as this would be my first deer. I waited for the right time and then shot. The dropped right where she stood. Did nto move. This shot was about a 75 yard shot. Well my husband came to me about 10 mins later. The deer was still laying there. I got down from the stand and hubby gave big hug and all and then we started to walk down there, taking our time and talking. The entire time our eyes were on the deer. She still laid their motionless. After about 25 mins Jeff said lets go get her. So we started moving closer to her, all of sudden I saw her back leg move and put my gun up, jeff did the same, then she jumped up and ran through the woods. Neither one of us was able to shoot, we were stunned. She had been laing their, from the time I shot until then it was almost 40 minutes. Jeff being hte more experienced huner could not believe. said he had never seen a deer to that. We went to where she was lieing and there was a pool of blood. Jeff saw no way this deer could have gotten up. We followed blood for 45 mins and then she had jumped in a creek and we never could find the blood trail. We look for another 45 mins, by this time it was around 8:30 at night. It was 30 something degrees, so we came home and went back the next morning, still never found the deer. We haev no idea where it went.

2. This was actually my husband, but we hunt close enough where I can hear what is going on. He shot, al of a sudden after he shot and Iheard the loudest blow and grunt I had ever heard. There wre no mroe shots, but this deer as just a grunting and blowing. Jeff hit him and when he did he ran in the direction of the shot grunting and blowing. Jeff said he was running towards him, but he was in the stand. The deer dropped right below him. During this same time. We heard other deer around. They were all grunting and blowing. I saw one come out across from me and shot, thatone dropped and then looked up and saw another deer. At this time I though the deer had stood back up, so I shot at it again. Well I had actually shot 2 deer within seconds. But the it was the strangest thing hearing that deer do that after being shot.

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Default RE: What's the strangest reaction from a deer after you shot (at) it

Last year, my father-in-law shot a small buck with a bow. When the arrow hit, the deer ran a few steps and jumped into the crotch of a tree and got itself stuck. It ended up dying stuck in the tree.

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