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first deer/last year

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Default first deer/last year

I'm still new to this forum, but I posted my first buck story a couple days ago in the bow hunting pages and thought I share my story on my first deer.

It was the last day of rifle season last year. It was my second year hunting. The first year I didn't see much and only took a shot a one doe. On this day, I got to my stand about 30 minutes before legal shooting time. I had been bow hunting all season and hadn't had any luck either. Now gun season was almost over and I still hadn't got a deer. I was getting pretty disappointed, but my brother kept telling me that most people don't get thier first deer for a few years after they start hunting.

On my way to my stand, I cut up an apple and scattered the pieces about 30 yards from my stand. I got settled in and stared waiting. The sun started to come up and the woods started waking up. About 30 minutes after first light I started hearing something making it's way toward me from behind. I stood up and took a look around my tree. I could see about 6 doe walking through the woods right toward my stand. I started getting really excited and then the took a turn and head out into a field. I started worrying that they wouldn't come far enough my way for me to take a shot, but they kept walking in my general direction. They stayed right on the edge of the tree line giving them lots of cover from me. I didn't know if I was going to get a shot or not. They were now within about 20 yards of my stand, but were standing behind several trees and bushes. I thought about trying to take a shot through the bushes, but decided I'd wait for a clear shot. If they would only keep moving. They only needed to take a few more steps to be in a clear shooting lane, but they wern't moving. They set there and were smelling the ground. I didn't know if they were picking up my scent or the scent of the apple I threw out in the field on my way in. The leader of the pack started to take a couple of steps toward my open shooting lane. I wasn't real concerned with which one was bigger, I just wanted to get my first deer. I had been holding my Winchester 3030 up for what seemed like an hour, just waiting for her to step out from behind the trees (it was really only a couple of seconds but felt like an hour). She finally stepped out to where I could see her vitals. BANG!!! She jumped and ran. She turned and started heading right for my stand. I thought she was going to take my ladder stand right out from under me. She passed me and went another 25 yards or so and dropped behind a tree.

I could see her and she was down. After only waiting 15 minutes I climbed out of my stand and went to look at the spot she was standing when I shot her. There was blood everywhere! I wanted to practice following the blood trail even though I knew right were she was. I hadn't ever shot a deer before and thought the practice would be good. It was the easiest thing to do. The blood was bright red and had bubbles in it. I knew I hit her good.

I followed the blood trail right to where she way laying. I wanted to see where I hit her. Perfect shot, right in the boiler room!!! Now what? I had never field dressed a deer. I started to get a little scared about what I was getting ready to do. I had some computer print outs that were fairly good and I had watched my brother gut one a few weeks ago. Boy he made it look easy. About an hour and 45 minutes later, I had the deed done. Took me about 3 times as long as it did my brother, but I thought I had everything out that needed to come out.

Got her in the back of the truck and headed to the check station. When I got there, the guys checking her in asked if she'd been eating all the other does out there. They said she was a big one. Their scales were broken, but they guessed her wieght at 110lbs field dresses. When I took her to the processor, he agreed and said he thought she was closer to 120lbs. I've been told that she was a big doe and a good first deer. It was one of the best days of my life and I did it without any help. I was so excited, I picked the location of my stand, set it up, and hunted for several days.....I finally scored!!!

I took my first buck this year. Not only my first buck, but my first bow kill too. I was able to field dress him in about 30 minutes. My skills are improving and I'm learning more every time I go out in the woods.

Here is one picture that I could find of my first deer. My buck pics are posted in the bow hunting section along with my story. The picture is too large for me to just add, so here is the link to it. (I don't want to mess with changing the size right now.

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Default RE: first deer/last year

Nice write-up... congratulations!

The thing that impressed me is that you took the initiative to get in the woods, set up, make the shot, gut your animal, etc., all without a whole lot of teaching from anyone else.

I think a lot of people would like to start hunting, but don't have friends or family that hunt and could teach them the ropes. There are probably a lot who never get into the sport because of that. You obviously took it upon yourself to learn what you could from reading, research online, etc. and then went on to do it... without the fear of failure stopping you.

My request to you would be to bring someone else into the sport. Perhaps children when you have them, or a friend who might be interested but not know how to go about it...
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Default RE: first deer/last year

Nice job!!! i remember my first deer ,it will always be one of the best memories,i thing you did a great job,congrats...
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Default RE: first deer/last year

Hey thanks for the comments guys. You're right about not having anyone around to teach me the trick of the trade.One of my brothers is really into deer hunting, but he lives a way away from me and we don't get to go out into the field a lot together. He's the one that got me started, but we weren't ever lucky enough to get a deer when he took me out. I do plan to pass on my passion of hunting to my kids. I have started taking my oldest son out with me every once in a while. He's 6 and not too interested yet, but I bet he'll end up loving it as much as I do.
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