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buck down in ga!!!!!!

Old 10-28-2005, 07:50 PM
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Default buck down in ga!!!!!!

I shot a nice buck tonight!! and man luck was on my side is so many ways!!!!!!!!! here are some pics and the story will follow shorlty. I am tired and will be back later to pout the story up.. its long 2 things you guys need to know!! this buck only had his front teeth!! he had no other teet in his mouth at all.. so he must be old and I mean old! the other thing is that where I live in ga the bodys on the deer in my area are fair not to bug usually, but this deer had a huge body! and get this a 28in neck!!!!!!!!!!!!! "if I messured it right" he was almost 200lbs on the hoof.... here are some pics

ok here is the story.

I got to the woods a little late today. I pulled in near the power lines on the property and parked at about 10min to 5pm...

I get my stuff together and start walking towards my spot accross the power lines and in the woods about 100 yards form the opposite side of the power lines. Well i go about 150 yards from the truck and jump some does coming from some woods on my right . They were just coming into open power line area.

I was likeok not a good start. well I get to thw eood line and crawl under barbwire fence and head towards my stand. I get close to it and put out a scent wick with doe urine "not estrus just doe urine" its about 30-40 yards from my stand.

I go to my climber and climb up the tree and get settled in. I brought my new Georgia OutDoor News with me to kill a little time. Well I read one page of an article and flip the page and I hear somethingheavy walking. I was like that is not a deer its to loud and I have only been here like 10 miutes. Well to my surprise it ws a nice buck!!!

It was like you see on the hunting shows. He walked right into my shooting lane, and right up to the scent wick and smelled it!! I pull my gun up and aim. get ready to shoot and....... click,,,,,,, nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was like what the hell??????? well the buck heard this and kinda jumped. H e moved over to the left a little and new something was up. I could not believe that happened. SO I slowly try and eject the bullet to get a new one in. It took me about 1 minute so to do this as quietly as possible. Well now I am ready to go!!! heart pumping, deer is gettign skidish, I pull my gun up and aim....... click........... nothing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so frustrated and bewilderd. I had no idea what was going on!!!!!!! well the deer moved back to the right now and was very nervous. I was able to load another bullett slowly. I pick the gun up and aim and Boom it finally shoots he then goes down on the spot!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about luck!!! I mean this is unreal luck in my eyes! so that is my long story

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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

more pics..

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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

here is one of my little girl and the buck you can see how big his neck is in this picture!

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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

Nice Georgia buck ..CONGRATS ..Job WELL done !


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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

Nice Pic's and good hunting! I also like your BAR, is it a
Belgium? Who's your cutebuddy?
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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

nice deer,& happy hunting partner. congrat
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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

Man, nice buck. The only 2 bucks I have got here in GA were pretty small (including a 10 point). Nice to know thatdoe pee works.
Its funny.. I got a doe this year during muzzleloader week, she came out a few minutes after I got up in my stand, had not even sat down yet. It was about the same time as yours too.
Well, I got selected for the Rum Creek WMA for next week, so will be out a couple of days hopefully.

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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

good story and great buck congrats!!
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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

Great hunt. Still looking for my first buck in Ga. Had 2 great chances blown in 2 years. Stilllearning the game! That one would make a nice European!
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Default RE: buck down in ga!!!!!!

Congrats on the beautiful buck!! My dad lives south of atlanta and hasn't been able to hunt for sometime. I'm sure once he sees your pictures that will change. Thanks for sharing.
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Quick Reply: buck down in ga!!!!!!

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