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Wisconsin Zone T

Old 10-26-2005, 08:39 PM
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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

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It depends upon where you are hunting. On my land in Buffalo County, I don't think we need a zone-t. My group shoots enough does as it is.
I can't even begin to count all the stories i've been hearing about buffalo county and what they think. Last year i heard a lot about people refusing to shoot does because they want the unhealthy number of 25/sq mile because they want to see deer and put the clients of outfitters on deer. Yes, you might shoot does, but do your neighbors? does everyone in your township kill does? i doubt it. We had the same probelm. We ended up shooting 18 does a year for 3 years straight to cut down the population. now we shoot anywhere from 10-15 a year to keep the population stable. If you hunt enough and hunt enough ground, you'll see it. if you get your trail cameras out, you'll see it. More mature bucks, big bodied, healthier deer, and good fawn production. the fawns will be healthier. less deer=more food to go around.

I will admit Earn a Buck and Zone T are not perfect. You will always get the pricks that won't follow the regs, but i think they're the exception, not the rule. I honestly don't see why hunters don't like it. Today, people are as busy as ever. This is an extra 4 days you can go out and hunt for a doe or a buck if you're in EAB. for gun hunters, you've never had this opportunity in past decades. you can hunt at the end of october, take your kid out a month early, get him or her experienced, win win for everyone.

To intimidator:I know what you mean when you're talking about the deer parking until sunday night. It's tough. Get some guys together, make a couple pushes, get those boys moving. I really think the big bucks hunker down during gun season. They're not stupid. it's why you don't see the best deer movement during the gun season. it's why i took up bowhunting, and i can't say i've regretted it.
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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

The science of it???? You mean by having insurance companys and other outside infulances determen how many deer are suppose to be in numbers for safe range, such as not to be enviormentally harmfull to the land?? So if the DNR tells you that the deer population is 1.5 million then we as hunters belive everything they are saying? why is it that 1 year you will have a t-zone in an area and then the next year it is no longer a t-zone, are you telling me that in these areas the hunters brought the deer herd down in 1 year? I belive we have a large deer heard, and as far as the CWD, you can thank the DNR and several deer farms for allowingCWD infectedlarge muture big racked whitetails to be released into our wild heard to be used as breeder bucks,, and spread the CWD in our state.. these deer that were relased , and this is been documented.. me personly I see a need for longer seasons to harvest deer, but dont put this t-zone in the middle of the archey season............................................ .......
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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

I say again, just give everyone in the state that buys a bow or gun license 2 free bonus antlerlesstags that can be used statewide and be done with it. This would give all hunters an opportunity to help lower the doe population. During the gun season I purchase 4 or 5 bonus tags for my area for older does or injuredor thoes unfortunate uh-ohs that do happen. It just erks me that no more thana1 mile away from me there is a tzone, and you can bet today that when the guns started blasting, the deer are going to be pretty skittish. It sickens me that the damned dnr decides to put the Tzones right during prime archery season. This is the stupidest thing ever thought. I says have it 2 weeks earlier. And as for the Youth Hunt this saturday,I think its great to have a season for the youth but, again way too close to the rut and right during prime bow season. Move 2 weeks earlier. You wont catch me in the woods on Saturday sitting in a stand wearing Blaze Orange, no way, Im going through my woods in my camo, moving stands, cleaning shooting lanes, making wood, and making sure noone is hunting my land and checking for poached deer. Found way too many poached deer on my land a couple years ago. Didnt report it because we dont want the DNR snooping around our land. Not that we have anything to hide but theres nothing anyone can do. Already have the DNR snooping around as it is from up above several times a day. Not sure why they are so focused on several parcles of land in my area but its getting pretty annoying, have they nothing better to do than fly over us, turn off the engine, and glide in circles for hours on end. In my eyes thats a harrasment lawsuit. not sure if they are tracking bears or timber wolfs or just being the a**es that they are. Alot of my friends and family members quit hunting because of the stupid decissions that the DNR made of the TZONE! How many more will it take to get this crap stopped.
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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

Many complain how the t-zone hunts are so close to the rut, right during prime archery season. Disabled hunters are allowed to hunt these seasons with guns to harvest bucks. It's gives less fortunate hunters an opportunited to get into the woods when the weather isn't harsh and big bucks defenses aren't what they are throughout the rest of the year. Why complain when disabled men and women are able to get into the outdoors, hopefully see more deer, and maybe harvest that buck of a lifetime. Us fortunate archers who have our health, we must become aware of this fact, become less selfish and understand maybe the DRN have reasons behind these "stupid decisions." Archers still have the peak of the rut to hunt, deer aren't that affected by zone-t hunts, they settle down faster than we want people to believe. It's a privilege to hunt, not a right, treat it so!

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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

god i love Zone T and EAB...i dropped a 120" 8 pointer during the rut with a RIFLE!! it doesn't get any better than that.
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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

Deerslayer, why are you calling me moron? I am an avid hunter with a great regard to the whitetail heard. I understand that by the DNR count we have an abundance of whitetails here in Wisconsin.I have land in Marquette County which has a high ratio of deer per acre. We are one zone away from the CWD management area and the thought of the eradicationexpanding to my zone is not a pleasant thought. I particiapted in the earn a buck last year and shot my doe before I even thought of shooting a buck. The earn a buck is a great way to get hunters to shoot more does but that is a different subject.

I have read many articles in different papers and magazines and there are other ways our heard can be reduced without the t-zone in October. Yes I gripe about the t-zone. I am missing a great opportunity to harvest a buck during the best time to do so. I shot a doe alreay this year. In fact every year I harvest at least two does per buck, last year I took fourwithout a single buck.I passed up at least 25(and that is conservative) non-mature bucks last year to let them grow while only taking does. In our area I also saw at least 10 shooter bucks(17" spread or greater with one for sure having a 21" inside spread)but I couldn't get the shot I wanted and let em go. Ihunt for venisonand a doe tastes the same as a 6 pointerand I also know I am doing the heard better by taking the does so I let the small bucks go.

I shoot plenty of deereach year and for that I do not have to participate in the t-zone and I will continue to boycott it. That does not mean I do not understand the"SCIENCE OF DEER". It means I do my "SCIENCE OF DEER"during the rest of the season. I would consider my hunting practices very beneficial for the whitetail heard, I think some call it QDMor Quality Deer Managment.The bucks I have seen in the woods thelastfew years would make most get weak knees.

Regardless, I don't like the t-zone. Expand the Deer Gun Season a week, it would also reduce theheard. Earn a buck works though I would like to see a hunter who bags a doe the year prior be exempt.

Does the t-zone work, yes. Or the DNR wouldn't do it. Do Ihate the DNR, No.In fact I hunt with a DNR employee who also boycotts the t-zone. With the amount of deer and turkey we have how can I complain. When I started hunting 20 years ago I was lucky to see a deer or two a season and turkey were non existant.The DNR manages our wildlife very well.

I also understandwhenthe DNR wants to reduce the heard but ther are other ways besides a t-zone right in the middle of the rut(I guess I'm selfish).
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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

The Zone T idea was a great one, but too many people just refuse to shoot does. After trying this for several years, I now would support "does" only hunting for a couple years. Then we would find out who the true conservationists are. Yes, I know we would also learn a little about non-sportsman poachers too. My party shoots does mostly and we now are up to seeing about 40 does for every 1 buck. And that buck is usually a small 4 pointer. Then up at the local bar at night all the hunters come in and complain about how they passed up 30-40 does without seeing a single buck. Giving out free tags doe tags won't work if they don't use them. It's easy enough now to get doe tags in most units.
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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

You my man are the moron the herd has been reduced to nothing. in ;our area for years we harvested doe, and kept the herd balance and now we cannot even see a doe to harvest the most any one seen last year was three. As for the quality getting better what will you do in a couple of years when those big ones are gone because all the MORONS are shooting two or three big ones a year. Killing six or eight doe I know a number of people that would be elated to even see six or eight deer. If you have that many deer it means you were not doing the job right for years
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Default RE: Wisconsin Zone T

They're not stupid. it's why you don't see the best deer movement during the gun season

Exactly there not stupid So go out and shoot them now with a rifle when they are THATs a real challenge, great ethics
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