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European mount?

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Default European mount?

Any of you have info on this?
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Default RE: European mount?

Do you mean how to set up a skull and just put it on a wooden mount?
If so, yes.
Start by removing the lower jaw of your animal, then skilling the head and any flesh that you can from the skull. At this point place it in a large tub of water and boil it for approx 30 minutes. At this point remove and more flesh that is boiled off, and using a chop stick or something similar loosen up any brain material as well as any cartlidge in the nostrils.
Put the skull back in the water and continue to remove anything on the skull.
After you are happy with the skulls lack of flesh, placethe skull in a 50-50 mixture of water/bleach for a couple of days, but make sure the level of the water/blech is only to the bottom of your horns, otherwise it will strip any color from the horns as well.

Finally once you have your skull finished screw two 4'' screws through the nostril sockets into the mounting board which you either purshased or made.

Any further questions, just ask.
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Default RE: European mount?

i just bury mine in the back yard for 5 months. i put a milk crate over the spot and a cinder block on top to keep the critters away. i then soak it in bleach and water for a while and then let it dry in the sun. i then hit it with a little flat white. i use epoxy to glue the parts back together. theres also a bugs- are us- company that you send it to to have beetle bugs pick the skull clean.
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Default RE: European mount?

Iflesh the entire skull as best I can, then remove the lower jaw and boil, periodically removing to picking offthe loose meat, cartlidge (pair of long needle nose pliers help at removing the cartlidge from the nasal area), etc. Bring a large enough pot to a gentle rolling boil, you will have to replace water the idea is keep the skull sumersed in the boiling water (Isuggest you do it outside as it has quite the unpleasant smell. I use a propane turkey fryer and canning pot) Prior to boil I wrap the antler bases tightly in alum. foil to prevent any bleaching or discolouring of the natural antler. I use an arrow shaft to remove the brain matter via the brain stem and rinse with garden hose during the pull out times when boiling. If you should loose or loosen teeth in the boiling process just keep them and once dry(prior to mounting on a board or finishing)they can be glued back in place with clear drying wood glue. I then am ready to bleach, Iuse 40% Hydrogen Peroxide, wrap the skull in cotton and let it sit for the nightto bleach or whiten the skull. (this process may need to be repeatedto acheive a white skull). Oncebleached I rinse off the skull with cool waterand let it air dry for anumber ofdays. It can now be placed on a backing board for display if you desire or just set up on shelf, mantle, floor, etc. Some like to varnish the skulls, if you would like to do this stay away from a oil based sealant as it can yellow your skull (I'd use a latex or water based product...many craft store sell aerosol varnish products).

Here is a link you may find helpful: http://www.tndeer.com/art-skull-mounts.html

Best of luck.
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