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mauser06 10-16-2005 10:06 PM

deer and the wind
saturday was the opener of a early season muzzleloader doe season....i was pumped...and in my spot about 45mins before light...snuck in perfect....right at first light i heard atleast one deer sneak through infront of me...but to dark to see...i could just start seeing around me...the wind was dead calm.......then the sun peaked up over the mountain and the wind came....pretty steady 10mph breeze in my face....ALL day...and heavy gusts....around 1130-noonish the trees around me were bending in half so i called it a do deer act in winds like that?? i kinda think they werent moving because of the i dont have class till 6 and wanted to go back....but is it worth the 20 min drive and 30 min hike to sit in gale force winds and not see a tail?? should i try still hunting?? the area is HUGE.....and all pretty thick....but there are oak ridges and some areas that arent TOO thick...but its generally a big clearcut or old blowndown area thats starting to regrow.....i dont know what to do.....i know i dont havea chance if i sit here in the dorm...but what tactics would work best in conditions like that? 10mph breeze and gusts upto 30mph(actual guestimates from accuweather)...sure its a few days away...and im hoping for the best of weather.....but if thats the conditions what should i do?? im hesitant to still hunt because i am hunting with an open sighted flinter....and if the deer has horns im up a creek........i never really still hunted...i have but no success...but i know to quietly sneak around deer areas and try to see them before they see you...but the shots would be rather quick...and unless their heads behind a tree how am i going to pull up binocs and scope the heads...then get a shot off?? im stumped...and want to bag a doe or 2....dads not hunting this year due to work...and LOVES venision...and hes been treating me really good....and id love to get him a couple deer for the freezer....hed love it...what do you guys think??? do they still move in winds like that?? i know they gota eat and take walks from time to time......and right below my spot is a NICE thicket...the deer use my spot to walk around and to and from thickets/water/food...its thick enough they feel safe in my spot but not TOO thick.....any ideas?? thanx guys....hope it isnt windy..

mauser06 10-17-2005 08:15 PM

RE: deer and the wind
bump.......someone has to know how wind effects deer movement??? im not talking getting busted by the wind....say i have a 10mph wind in my face...and occassional gusts of 30mph...will the deer be moving or what?

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