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bigunwhistle 10-06-2005 12:29 AM

Squirrel Hunting.
Dag nabbit, I took a few days from deer hunting. But today I decided to hunt some treerats. I was thinking about taking my bow and hunting with a floo floo arrow. I decided on my shotgun. I get up to the top of the ridge and start the walk. I hear some leaves rustling, I moved a little forward and there was two does at 15 yards and I was down wind. I was not in camo. One just looked at me a couple of times and I just stood there for about 10 minutes watching them. Finally they got spooked, I was mad. I should of took my bow :(

PSEsilverhawk55 10-08-2005 01:51 PM

RE: Squirrel Hunting.
floo floo arrows never heard of them,,,,(flu-flu maybe)

i seem to have opposite problem i go squirrel huntin with gun and never see any,,,then i go deer huntin with the bow and i see squirrel ou the butt and wish i had the gun,,,
actully thought of getting some flu-flu's to have if i ever did see a squirrel close enough to shoot,,but never got any so i am usin one of my practice arrows

Rebel Hog 10-08-2005 01:55 PM

RE: Squirrel Hunting.
Flu-Flu, Flo-Flo...You should have had your Bow!:D

PABowhntr 10-09-2005 07:29 PM

RE: Squirrel Hunting.
That is the way it always works. One tends to see what one isn't hunting. :D

Rhody Hunter 10-10-2005 04:58 AM

RE: Squirrel Hunting.
I hate that i run into them scouting and then when its hunting season there not around.frustrating

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