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Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

Old 10-04-2005, 08:27 PM
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

That's cause you're from Leesburg, Fl., Cuz!!!
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Old 10-05-2005, 12:52 AM
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

We don't seem to be losing them here in Maine. I recently (finally) was able to take my hunter's safety course at the age of 30. I had been a truck driver for years before and hadn't had the time to hunt. After leaving the business taking my course was the first thing I did.
Most of the people in my class of 60 were aged 15 or under. More than half, anyway. We even had a group of schoolkids who sat at the front table. They asked most of the questions, and made the class fun. They also seemed to now the answers to more of the instructors questions than the rest of us, but that is a tale for another day. [&:]
There were only a few in the class that were my age or older. And our instructors implored us to spread the word to others, so that our sport may continue to grow and expand in future generations.
By the way, all of those kids passed easily. And not one of them needed an oral exam.
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Old 10-05-2005, 01:18 AM
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

Older sportsmen keep fishing because it less rigoris but quit hunting as it gets to be to much work
you left out that it is costing more and more to have a place to hunt and that people are more reluctant to allow hunting on their property[&o], i can't say as i blame the property owners though, but the day of going to a farmers place and getting permission are all but gone here[&o]
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

That is awesome to hear that there are some "youngsters" still passionate about the hunting lifestyle...But computer games and cultural forces just seem to be more important most kids...And we all know that the positive effects of getting out into the woods, interacting with nature and other hunters is without compare...That's why I am involved with the Conservation Buck Society...They heading an effort to attract youth back to nature and encourage ethical hunting practices, and save as much land possible for future generations...I am concerned and that's why I am involved...www.conservationbucksociety.com

The Buck Challenge is $20 to enter, offers huge awards, and ends with a big fat party...
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Old 10-05-2005, 08:02 AM
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

i hear all this talk but who is actually making an effort i try every year to introduce a new hunter to deer or bird hunting i ask everyone at work if their kids would like to try it i even have some youth gear i let them use from my son he still hunts even with having a girlfriend this year when im with him i dont hunt as hard mostly just spend time with him
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Old 10-05-2005, 08:07 AM
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

why do you think there are so many chubby or just plain fat kids any more? because they would rathe sit inside all day and play video games then be outside doing anything let alon hunt. when i was a kid me and my brothers would play from daylight til dark. video games were the last thing on our minds. oh and all 4 of us have been hunting since we have been 12.
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

I am doing my part. . .I have 2 sons, started them in 2003, then 6 and 10, both shot an 8pt. and a doe. Both have since gone many times with me for Pigs, Dove and Deer. While they do like those video games we have found some balance. My oldest is not happy right now because I leave tonight to hunt Blackbucks for a few days. He wants to go but he has school. He has not missedone schoolday in the past 5 years.
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Old 10-05-2005, 03:25 PM
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?


Hunting and I go hand-in-hand. I'm 16 and have been hunting since age 10. I tell my parents every day that I'd rather go fishing or hunting than stay at home and play games on my XBox. The outdoors is just too much of a beautiful and pristine thing to pass up. Other than family, there is nothing in the world I love more than the outdoors. The smell of the crisp air in the morning, the scenery, the experiences, all of it. I love it. I am and will be a hunter until the day I die and I look forward (hopefully) to a long and happy life of many great outdoor experiences. , I am an outdoorsman and if God blesses me with a boy of my own, he sure as hell will be an outdoorsman too.
ditto. very very very well said and so true.
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

I'll be 16 in a month and all I can think about is hunting. I can say that the big problem is, is that hunting is becoming to expensive. With leasing land and gas and all that. This is the reason why it is so important to take kids hunting. I'm taking my 5 year old cousin this year for the first time.
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Default RE: Are we Losing our Young Hunters?

For most of you that live to hunt I don't understand why you have not or don't plan to buy land. Nothing raises in value like land ,you can hunt it build ponds & fish it & still have something to leave them.

You don't need a new switchback or a pickup ,save your money and buy land!

You will leave them nothing better!!
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