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Deer Butchering?

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Default Deer Butchering?

Can anyone steer me in the right direction for butchering myself? I have gut my own and I am not afraid to get a little messy. I have paid too much in the past for poor quality meat, hair, bone chips etc. I am familiar with quartering, but not sure of the proper techniques for specific cuts. Roasts, backstrap, chops, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

Try surfing google and you will find lots of information.
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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

I learned when I was about 10....& to tell you the truth...I dont think I do it the same on each deer year after year. Generally, because its only me who eats it, Iwill steak the back straps & rear quaters. Make stew meat out of the front sholders & neck. All other scraps go into grindings. Beleave me...I am a real "butcher" in the sense that its not pretty...but it allways tastes good.

Hopefully you can find a local hunting buddy or person to get you started. After youve done a few...you will find out what you like & dislike about your cuts.

To start..hang it..skin it...& quarter it. Put it all in a refridgerator & take one quarter out at a time & bone it. Cut it up & package it good....then move on to the next quarter...do it @ your own pace.If you want to pick up a book to do it he "right way" there are plenty of them out there.

Good luck,
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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

Here is a good free video on how to butcher a deer. Good luck.

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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

Here's a good site:


It covers some things...
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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

Thanks fellas. If I get lucky and get one this season, I will try to get a helper to snap some photos, step by step, of the butcher joband post em up. Good luck hunting.
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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

This link should show eight different views of deer charts.
Good Luck!
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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

I butchered my first deer I killed with no direction while it was hanging in my garage, and I was very happy with the results. You need a cooler and vacuum sealer. I have since quartered it like hennydog suggests, but I find it easier while it is hanging. After you skin it and cut the limbs at the elbow and knee joints, a lot of it can be done by hand. You will need a knife to cut some of the sinewy fat that connects the muscle groups, but the major steaks and roasts can be done by hand. When you cut into the meat, there is the chance of cutting through a good cut of meat. Take your fingers and run them along the visible muscle seams. Pull the shoulder muscles off to get at the backstraps first. You will see them when they are exposed. You can work the backstraps out most of the way with your hands too. After you get the backstraps out you can start working through the hind quarters where many of the good cuts are. You will see the cuts as you go.

Doing it by hand is slow, and it takes time, but I find it to be the best way to get all the real good cuts out. Ater I get the majority of the good visible cuts out, I slice the rest of the meat off the carcass for stew meat, chopped meat, sausage, etc...

I suggest trying it, it is a very rewarding experience. Vaccum seal and freeze when done. I would suggest a meat grinder too. The burgers are great.
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Default RE: Deer Butchering?

ORIGINAL: longrifle1000

Here is a good free video on how to butcher a deer. Good luck.

That's a good video! Thanks!

Kindest Regards,

-Will in Maryland
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Quick Reply: Deer Butchering?

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