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iv ebeen seeing same 3 deer every night

Old 10-03-2005, 05:52 PM
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Default iv ebeen seeing same 3 deer every night

i see these same 2 does and a fawn thatseat every night in the corn.there has to be more deer then that caus ei saw at least 8 in the winter. ne idea why thats all im seeing would the bucks be eating when its dark.
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Default RE: iv ebeen seeing same 3 deer every night

i diff area..close by wait til the rut theyll be in
when i go scouting i go to a feild around the corner for some reason 8-10 deer bed in this feild and i only see a few does around now but then istart seeing the ones i spotted from the feild over
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Default RE: iv ebeen seeing same 3 deer every night

As long as you do not spook the deer or they don't die, you can count on themto come to the pile even on into the season.I had the same thing happen to me last year. Had three does I would see just about every time I hunted my afternoon stand.Finally later on in the season I had a nice 6pt. follow two of the does to the corn pile and thats all she wrote. I don't know what your looking for but then the rut comes in the bucks will be looking for that doe coming to your corn. But then again you might want to scout other areas.
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Default RE: iv ebeen seeing same 3 deer every night

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Default RE: iv ebeen seeing same 3 deer every night

I would agree. Chances are that the deer are there but are just feeding at different times. Also, just because you saw deer there in the winter does not necessarily mean that they will be there in the summer or now. However, other deer may have moved into the area in the mean time.
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Default RE: iv ebeen seeing same 3 deer every night

Don't confuse a deer's territory with it's home range. A does territory is about 80-120 acres and a bucks territory is about 300-500 acres (depending upon terrain and food supply) but it's home range can be vastly larger and will over lap other deer's territory. As long as they are not caught in another deer territory a deer will trespass like a Hmong refugee.
That doe and 2 fawns you're seeing are the territorial owners of the property you hunt on and any others you see are deer outside of their territory but still in their home range. My property has a resident doe who last season ran around with a pair of fawns like you've seen on your land. This summer I saw her with a set of triplets and last year's fawns still following mama. It looked silly watching the six of them walk along and you could tell it was getting old with her. By the fall I'm betting she will have ran off her older fawns. Despite all that I saw and photo'd on a trail camera at least 12 different does and 5 bucks using the same property. If she saw them she'd drive them off but if she was nowhere to be seen they acted like they owned the place. I'm willing to bet that I'm only seeing maybe half the deer that actually use my property and another twice that may pass through once and never come back again.
So don't worry about seing the same deer again and again. Lots more are there.
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