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newhunter07 10-02-2005 09:48 PM

first moring hunt.. looking for advice
well went hunting on sat morning. I went out scouting friday night thought i had a great spot. I took some pics and hope to get them up soon. I had my stand set up on a tree right over what i thought would be a busy trail. I had a river behind me with a sturdy rapid making it hard to hear. in front of me was a very steep moutain side (the kind that really really, suck to walk beck up). But i got nothing, after taking that afternoon to look at my area a bit better, signs of life where no where to be found. after following my trail about 300 yeard further in to deep thick brush i saw sign of 1 doe near the water.

Am i just missing the idea or shoudl i stay on that spot?

also any suggestions for covering my scent i really think that i killing me?
i use scent sheild is that adiquate(sp)?

ChasintheTrophys 10-03-2005 12:04 AM

RE: first moring hunt.. looking for advice
Ok we'll start with the scent issue . I use Scent lock detergent to wah all my hunting gear in the washer with . This works really good and gives you a good start . However you have to remember that as soon as you take it out of the dryer you have to do everything in your power to keep it scent free until you get in the woods . I.e. put it straight into a garbage bag or air tight container . I also use scent zapper spray . Dont be afraid to use it on everything I spray my clothes , boots , bow and treestand cushions down every time i use them . I also shower with hunters spacialties scent free soap .

now the location . Since I dont live near you and know where you are hunting , I cant give you specific advise . So i keep it general . I've been hunting deer for 16 yrs now and ive seen alot of different scenarios play out . hunted alot of different locations and geography from farmland to thickets , to river bottoms . The biggest part of hunting to me and the area I put most of my time into is scouting . I dont feel confident unless i know my surroundings and have an idea in my mind what i think will happen in certain situations . I scout year round pretty much year round . There are alot of tools available to us hunters now a days . Trail camerasare the biggest toolsIMHO . I love them not to mention they are fun to look at the pics ! And make great photo ablums. Anywho , back to the point . This is where you have to learn to be efficient first . You cant shootdeer that arent there . What i typically look for first is food sources and bedding areas (thickets , gulleys ,standing corn ) THen I concentrateon scouting the areas between those to places . I look for travel routes and staging areas . My favorite place to hunt are the stageing areas . At least in my mindthats where I think that i will have the greates chance to take a big buck . Often times mature bucks will not follow theotherdeer into open areas until well after dark . They hold up in these stageing areas eating crab apples , acorns makeing rubsand scrapes until theyknow it is safe . Look for trails with fresh tracks , droppings rublines and scrapelines . Rublines are a good scouting tool . They also tell you which way the deer is headed and can often lead you right to the bedding area or the food source . I like to set up about 50 yrds from either the bedding area or the food source . Because the deer are usually more comfortable while traveking through these areas than being out in an open alfalfa field where they are on alert and scent can travel alot quicker and easier . There are alot of posts on this sight on this subject . This is just the tip of the iceberg . Dont be afraid to do a stalk hunt in your area moving slowly and quietly . I often do this in a areas i hunt where i dont have alot of knowledtge on the lay of the land . It is a good way to learn the area and I have gotten more tan a few opportunities at deer while walking in bow season . Like i said check through the forums and read all you can . I have read clear back through may . Good luck !

DarkDawg 10-03-2005 01:35 AM

RE: first moring hunt.. looking for advice
scent control is awesome if you do it right..
i had a fox walk up to me as close as 10 feet without smelling or seeing me and i wasnt exactly you would call camoflauged...wind was going from me to him too.
also called in a deer from downwind its funny cuz it was the first time using the grunt call,he didnt seem spooked until my arrow fell from my rest unto my bow shelf..he was like 15 yards away...couldnt get no shot anywayz because i was behind this big brush pile.
guess he didnt like the loud clank noise. lol..this was like 2-3 years ago..
hopefully this year i can get my FAC Card and buy a .243 and a treestand

Striper Phil 10-04-2005 04:31 AM

RE: first moring hunt.. looking for advice
Just a quickie, you are way late to be scouting, that should have been done months ago. You should bescouting for next year right after you bag one this year.Not good to disturb the woods the day before a hunt. If you must, Chasingthetrophies has some good ideas.

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