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Its illegal to bait here in VA. My cousin has set up a ground blind with 2 salt blocks, molasses, 50lbs of deer feed, and whitetail addiction in front of it in the middle of a grown up cutover. Question is.....if he is caught hunting it, how can they prove he did the "dirty work?" We are in a 4,000 acre, 100+ member hunting club. Does anyone see any possible way they can prove it's him?
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If the GW walks up on him while he's hunting over it then he's in violation whether he put the bait there or not . I have a cousin like that , we can't bait here either , and he knows better than to hunt with me because I'd drop a dime on him in a minute if he did crap like that near me and he knows it .
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Doesn't matter if he put the bait there,it's illegal to hunt over it.

Hopefully the other 98 members will boot his butt out of the club.
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if its illegal then why do i??[:'(]
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Scent LOK:
with 2 salt blocks, molasses, 50lbs of deer feed, and whitetail addiction in front of it
To me it sounds like he is a very, very poor representation of a hunter & outdoorsman. He appears to be trying to increase his odds of POACHING a deer anyway he can. Yes - knowingly hunting over an illegally baited area is poaching.

Like the others said, law enforcement doesn't have to prove he put the bait there or even knows that the bait is there - he is, and that's enough of a "smoking gun" to cite him.

I FEEL that the other members should be made aware of his baiting IMMEDIATELY! If one of them should be unsuspectingly hunting anywhere even near the bait, law enforcement could pop them and they truely would be ignorant of the baiting. LE has a way of finding baited areas and then setting up to suveil and see who comes to hunt there - BUSTED!

I think you should follow suit with Kevin1 and steer clear of your cousin - he's a bad actor.

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like the rest said. When the warden walks up he couldn't care if the little salt lick ferries came down and dropped them off. If he's sitting within a certain distance of the bait he's busted. We had a guy get busted here in Pa during bear season for the same thing. We usually put out some feed over the summer for the deer and bear but 3 weeks before hunting season we take everything out of the back field so we don't get busted for hunting over bait. Well, my one uncle is too old to walk up the mountain any more so he usually heads about 100 to 200 yards out along the bottom and sits close to camp while the rest of us go out. Sure enough a game warden walked over to our camp and found him. They walked him back to camp and went to where we used to have the food and salt lick. they scooped up some dirt and tested it and told him that the salt contant was too high in the soil and since he was sitting on a trail that lead to the "bait" he would be fined. Personally I think they just had it in for us but either way he had to pay.
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I live and hunt in VA and so many people bait it's not even funny. There's 10,000 hunters for every game warden in Northern VA. Not condoling baiting though.
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I posted here last year about a guy hunting property beside of us that was throwing out corn to bait the deer. He hunted almost every day of the 3 month long deer season. And, had built a blind with in 10 feet of the fence facing the fence! He also had a treestand overlooking the area of the blind. He could only see about 30 yards uphill to the top of the ridge,but could see very well acroos the fence!!

Well, there were some people on here that went ballistic, and were WRONG!!! But,I called the warden and they caught him hunting over the bait!! Enough said! If he does that again this year the warden will pay him another visit; I promise!
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If illegal to bait and he is caught hunting over it or near it, regardless of who put it there...HE WILL BE CHARGED!!! Tell your Cuz to brain up and if he still wants to be a poacher stay the heck away from him.Don't go out with him, don't help him drag or dress his deer....guilty by association is a possibility. If he is a member of your club, you better get the gang together and tell him to remove the bait or get out...no telling what may happen if GW finds out 1 of your crew is illegally baiting...
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Quick Reply: BUSTED BAITING!!!!

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