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bigtim6656 09-25-2005 11:11 PM

can't we all just get along
hunting is a very personal subject much like politics war and most of all what to do about gas prices

what some of us might think to be wrong or unethical might not be the same to others like the subject of baiting an animal or using scents

i think one of the biggest subjects is with non hunter who seem to say we have grocery stores to get food why hunt or some people think rifles and shotgun or not ethical because it has to much of an advantage for us

well hat what is good about the USA we can get on line or in a room and argue but i have also seen a lot of mean and commits that were totally UN need
just because we do not see eye to eye does not warrant name calling some of the things i have heard

we need to remember that united we stand divided we fall now a days it is hunters against non hunters we need to stick together above all else protect are way of live not just the American way of live but the hunters way of live

Georgetownboys 09-26-2005 07:00 AM

RE: can't we all just get along
Bigtim. . . .I have read a few of your posts now and while your heart seems to be in the right place, you gottacheck your spelling. .I am no brain, I have sure hosed a few too . . .you will get folks to take you a little more seriously if you get away from the IM text message format and check your spelling.;)

With that off my chest. . .I agree that this hunting forum has many different kinds of poeple with different thoughts on hunting. I for sure don't agree with some things I see, but I will support all those here. These are my hunting brothers and sisters and when they are gonethe antismay win out.

With one exception. . . you don't shoot across a fence line. . . If it is not your land, that's it, no exceptions, that includes that 16 pt. buck laughing at you 2 yards on the other side of the fence.

bigtim6656 09-26-2005 01:00 PM

RE: can't we all just get along
thanks i will watch my spelling yes i agree there are certin laws and eithical things that there is no diffing from like shooting at a fence or across a road among others

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