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Anyone use a GPS?

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Default RE: Anyone use a GPS?

Hmm.. my dad got atop of the line Garmin. He loves it but imho depends on it way too much. I can get us back to the truck in 1/2 the time it takes him cause he stands around looking at the GPS seeing if we are going the right way. In fact, he said "the truck is that way" andI tried to tell him there was a big mountain there.. but nooooo.. we had to go THAT WAY, why? cause the GPS said the truck was that way.... so we unded up climbing this big steep hill. It's like, use some common sense, go around the friggen hill. [:@]
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Default RE: Anyone use a GPS?

I use a Garmin RINO 110. I absolutley love it. It is a GPS with a built in radio. The thing that I love most about it is that if someone else within 2 miles from me is using one, we can beam our location to each other. There is about 6 of us that hunt together taht use them, and you can always know where the other 5 guys are on the mountain. It is great. I highly recommend it.
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Default RE: Anyone use a GPS?


However, when we hunt up in the Poconos for rifle season I always have mine with me. I have the Magellan Sportrak Map model and I would highly recommend it for ease of use at that price point.
I have the same GPS and agree that it's a great GPS for the price. i would highly recommend the Sport track Map to anyone looking to purchase a no non sense unit.
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Default RE: Anyone use a GPS?

I think a GPS is just another tool for the modern hunter. I am thankful that we can benefit from technology like we do. GPS, range finders, walkee-talkee, and more help define our era of deer population reduction experts.
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Default RE: Anyone use a GPS?

I have a Garmin etrex.

We have 500 acres that I hunted for several years before I started using the GPS. I thought I knew the 500 acres, but I didn't really learn the land until I started using it. It wasn't so much that I felt free to just go anywhere, because I knew the land well enough not to get lost. What I learned was how all the landmarks were in relation to each other. By looking at my waypoints, I was amazed at how close and how far away things like stands, land borders, trails, roads etc. were, and it took my knowledge of the land to another level.

Most of the time I don't even have it on me while I am hunting, because I think a compass is quicker. To me a compass is "real time." But, you can bet if I'm scouting before the season, and I find a new rub line, or a trail I had not noticed before, it becomes a named waypoint. Then I compare it to other waypoints and I learn even more about the land.

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Default RE: Anyone use a GPS?

i have a magellen GPS i love it. I still carry a compass just in case, althogh i havnt had to use it in over 10 years and probly couldnt use it now if i had to. http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=37438219
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