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Default Buck vs. doe tracks

I see deer tracks all over my land and some of the tracks have the two dots in the back where the heal went down and others dont have that, is there i reason why some have the heal down and some dont and do bucks do it more than does?
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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

I'm not sure about the heels but I do know that buck tracks and trails are thinner than trails and tracks made by does...

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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

The only sure way to tell if a buck or a doe left a set of tracks is to see them making the tracks.
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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

You are seeing the dewclaws. They are higher up on the hoof. Normally you will see them when the footing is soft and the foot goes deeper into the dirt. They can also be seen on heavier deer because the foot is holding up more weight therefore it sinks deeper into the ground. I don't think there is any positive way to identify a buck track vs. doe track. There are just some things that are more common to tracks made by bucks and tracks made by does.
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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

If I am not wrong.

A buck track looks like !! !!

!! !!

and a doe track looks like V V


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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

True the only way to be absolutely sure is to watch the deer make the tracks but if you can't do that there are other ways. On soft ground, while running and if realy fat and heavy even a doe will make tracks like !! rather than \/ so don't rely upon that. Size is another way but it's also not sure (unless the tracks are really huge).
I tend to look at the way they walked. I've always noticed that does are very particular about where they put their feet down. It's just plain dainty. One foot in front of the other in a nice straight line. Bucks on the other hand sort of just walk around putting their foot down all over the place and leaving a trail that wanders about. I believe they're doing it on purpose. They're picking their steps carefully so they won't make any noise. How many times have you seen a large buck silently walk through dead leaves with hardly a sound?
Bucks, especially older ones, don't walk on main deer trails. They're too wise to do that. Instead they shadow the main trail to the side so they can sniff whatever was on it without actually being on it.
I've also noticed after a snowfall that does and bucks pee differently. Does will squat and pee in a single neat spot. They're trying not to splash on themselves and have more scent for a predator to follow. Bucks on the other hand are more like dogs. They will go on just about everything they can including themselves. They'll dribble a long trail of pee that's yards long if that's what they want to do. I think it's all about advertisng their presense to other bucks.
Of course I could be wrong on all parts. But if one track showed 3 or 4 signs of being a buck then it's a good chance it's a buck.
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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

It is a hard thing to tell but it can be determined by the track, here issome good info and if you do a search on google I found lots of info on it.

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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

Not to easy to tell.

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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

From the reading I've done, when walking the rear doe track will usually intersect (or be partially on top of) with the front one. And I think I've read that sometimes the rear doe track will be slightly offset to the outside of the front ones.
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Default RE: Buck vs. doe tracks

This is NOT set in stone.

Size is good to look for. Bucks (older bucks) are usually bigger than does.

A buck with some age on him will have rounded off tips from making scrapes all his life. Again its not set in sone but most of the time these two things are pretty good ways to determine.
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