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Finding tresspassers stuff

Old 08-21-2005, 01:13 PM
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

Oil Comes from the ground....

I personally would not want to pour oil or gas out ANYWHERE!! We have enough pollution as it is without adding to the problem. It comes from deep in the ground, and is a big polluter above ground!

If you let the air out of all four tires, and called the authorities they may have time to respond before the tires got filled.
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

Take out their spark plugs and take them with you .then call the law
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

ORIGINAL: DoctorDeath


i'm gonna have to agree with this unless of course it's an atv, vehicle, or powered boat. other than that i totally agree.
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

I would call the authorities and let them come and pick up the stuff, Let them deal with them....
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

But if you keep it can they get you busted? I plan on building up a stock of four wheelers. They can continue to tresspass but theirs nothing for them to mess with!
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

Confront them with old trusty and a friend. (Old trusty is the 12 gauge.)
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

I can only speak for my state regulations, but here has been my experiance. First your property must be properly marked for no trespassing IAW regulations. Neighbor lost in courtdue to property not properly marked. Neighbor was required to return the property to the original owner. My property is marked every 100 feet IAWMissouri regulations.In my state even if the land is not properly marked, it is still second degree trespass so I thought that was a wrong decesion by the court.If you do not know who the criminals (trespassers) are, still report the trespass to the authorities and report that you have confenscated the property. They may want to hold it or they may have you hold it. Be sure you get a police report on the crime. I was told by the sheriff that if my property was properly marked andsomeonemakes claim to the propertythey will be prosecuted for first degree trespass. Now here is my opinion. As a property owner I have a right to shoot on my property whenever I want, as a matter of factI practice at least once a week.I cannot be concernedif someone or someones property is illegally on my property while shooting.Iwould think it would be pretty stupid to be trespassing for the risk of being accidentally shot, and in my case,having the property so well marked, the trespasserwould be aware they are breaking the law.

Rebel Hog! loved your joke so much I had to borrow it and reword, hope you don't mind?

AMissouri landowner isout in the woods when he sees a trespasserfall out of one of his stands.

The trespasserdoesn't seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. The landownerwhips out hiscell phone and calls 911. He tellsthe operator: "A trespasser fell on my land and appears dead, what can I do?"

The operator, in a calm soothing voice says: "Just take it easy. I can help. First, let's make sure he's really dead."

There is a silence, then a shot is heard. The landowner'svoice comes back on the line. He says: "OK, now what?"
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

my only experience with tresspasser and their belongings was we pulled up behind 2 guys stopped on the side of the road, they were crawling up thru a ditch, and we pulled in behind their truck, we quickly spotted the nice buck across the field they were trying to get within range of, he's 350-400 yrds of the road, we finally spot them and start walking up behind them, we both had guns, we ask what there doing, they said "do you not see that deer", yes btw you are on private property, my parents private property, and we have called the sheriffs dept. "oh well we lost a hubcap here last night" they stood up but they wanted to now if they could look for their "hubcap", we informed them that the law was headed that way, when they stood they left the 30-30 laying on the ground, you could tell they didn't want to leave, but they did, i walked the ditch and found the gun, the county shows up, i ask them what about the gun, here is the sad part, they (the county cop) took the 30-30 and said that if they claimed it, they could press tresspassing charges, if they didn't claim the gunthey could stick to the "hubcap" story and get out of the tresspassing charges, as long as the gun didn't belong to either, well guess what the gun had been stolen the truck had no plates, we would have wrote the # down first, the scum got off scott free[:@], the only upside is that the owner of the 30-30 got it back, doc all this happened on a well traveled road in your neck of the woods[:-] just n. of h.g.
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

Timber, I like it better than the one I posted!!
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Default RE: Finding tresspassers stuff

I don't like vandalism even against law breakers, so I probably would not drain the oil butmoving the 4 wheeler or boat wouldbe more my style. I don't mean move it aroundYOUR property but move it to the neighbors place somewhere down the road or across the lake. If you are going to piss them off, do it GOOD!
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Quick Reply: Finding tresspassers stuff

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