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How to deal with trespassers?

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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?


ORIGINAL: soarkrebel

No matter what you do there will always be a lowlife trespasser .
I have signs ,gates,fence,purple paint and cables on roads. they still show thier worthless lifeforms to my paradise!
I carry a camera and have taken photos of their vehicles and they do WORK in court!!!!!!
I have found that if you can catch a few and prosecute them the word gets out among the scum. but you MUST spend as much time as you can on your place.
These ground crawlers can tell by your sign (ie atv tracks,truck tracks and foot prints) that you have been there and are frequently. the number of signs and paint also sends a message.

You need to spend as much time as you can around there sooner or later you will run into a regular bum . MAKE sure you are nice and GET A NAME!
Once you know for sure who they are HAMMER them!!!!
call the sheriffs dept file a report and get a warrant!!
Follow through with the prosecution! meaning show up for court.
It has worked ona few for me . i am going this weekend to my southern area and i will bet there isnt a track on the place(atv that is)
but if there is all i can do is hope that there ears vaporize from me calling them names!

One other suggestion that also is doing some good for me. make friends with a game warden . I have one that hunts on me for free but he gets a AWESOME place to run a decoy for slime to shoot at from the road!!!!!
You really have got to make them HATE you and FEAR you!
But you will always have a dummy that doesnt know you test you. Throw the book at them and they will not forget you but they will more than likely find someone else to play with.

DD I am gung hobut oh how i wish i could relieve us of scumbags.
You are calling it straight but I won't pay tribute to the game warden just to get him to do his job.

Nobody ever came out to the floor and gave me a place to hunt and said good job. He get's paid just like I do, he can do his job just like I do. If he don't want to, then I'll deal with it my self how I see fit and he knows it. Never had a problem with a response from law enforcement any time I've ever called them.
Jack I guess i should have explained i have known the wardens in my area for years. I was a police officer and worked with them both so maybe i have a different relationship with them.
I still have officers that are my friends that are paying members and they do help. Several years ago i had a problem with folks shooting deer across my pasture. i asked the wardens to run the decoy and hammer all that they caught . THEY DID!
That problem ceased as soon as word traveled around the scum circles.
Now the wardens i know would be more than happy to help with the problems we have but they are limited. just two of them!
Sometimes we have to help them. get LPN"S and photos are great. but you have to have a name. You get a warrant and they will pick them up.
I don't think it's brown nosing by letting them hunt on us and actually they don't unless we are there and always call and ask to make sure it's ok. but for me by having them frequent my areas it helps. I wish we could have more to help us all keep folks straight but hey we ahve to liberate some rag heads in the desert!

My nieghboring clubs know i am around so much they contacted me several years ago and asked if i would patrol there stuff some. i do but never hunt on them even though i can. I have about 6000 acres i can ride atv's on legally and i am grateful . I love riding atv's in the winter and just being out.
And they benefit by knowing someone that is not a thief is checking there stuff and when some scum does screw them they find out sooner than they would cause i usually find it before they do.

Anyway i spent yesterday in the heat riding checking. And one of my other devices had been there. an old non hunting gentleman that cuts firewood from tops after timber cutters are finished had been doing his thing . He checks my zones about once a week and several times a week when my camper is present. he lives right there and is the best security i could get!

But you don't have to brown nose the wardens to get them to help just try talking to them . once they learn you are a great person they may take it upon themselves to keep an eye on your place. and you may not even know until they find something out of line. trust me!!!!!!
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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?

ORIGINAL: soarkrebel
But you don't have to brown nose the wardens to get them to help just try talking to them . once they learn you are a great person they may take it upon themselves to keep an eye on your place. and you may not even know until they find something out of line. trust me!!!!!!
I agree with you 100%.

I've never had any problem at all getting a CO to respond. In fact I think around here they are a little more reliable than the rest of the cops. The state guys are pretty good but you may as well just mail in a report with county cops.

People complain about the CO normally are ones who have called them before and then refused to prosecute when they find out who the perp was.
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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?

you guys do know that if someone gets hurt on one of your so called booby traps. such as lines or nails in a tire punch you will be held responsible for your actions. it is a foolish way to patrol your land and you will be in deep s#&*...any intentional actionto hurt a person even if it is your land you will pay dearly. just something to think about. man some of you guys soundlike little kids on here.
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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?


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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?

Vert good advice!
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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?

Ok. So I'm poor and will probably never be able to own property the way real estate is going up so I have a different angle all together. I have to hunt national forest land. I'm scouting and getting my hopes up but the land is nothing but dense chapperel and cliffs. Suddenly I come accross some pristine alpine meadow. You know. The type where the trees are nicely spaced and there's grass everywhere. I get happy, cuz this is beautiful. There's even a stream running through it. There's no houses around, in fact you can see the whole meadow and it's large and uninhabited but people for some reason want to keep scum like me in the scrub crap brush country and have impacted the natural beauty by posting all their warnings all over the place. I haven't tresspassed yet cuz I've managed to find some other places to look for the deer with moderate success albeit in ugly unforgiving terrain. For now I just wipe the tear from my eye and travel onwards to browner steeper pastures. Loosen up guys. Land is meant for everyones enjoyment. If you don't actually reside there don't have an aneurism over it.
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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?



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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?

Ihave lots of experiance dealing with tresspassing and about the only thing that really works is to file a report with the local sheriff and then get a lawyer involved. Sueing someone for tresspass and making them defend thwem selves in court will deter any jackass that thinks its funny. We recently brought a suit aginst a habituial tresspasser and his legal bills were in excess of 15K And suprize suprize we havent had a problem since. The local sherrif was so Fing lazy that we had to presue a civil judgment against the individual. We used a hidden game camera on the roads and I was miticulaus in photographing the ATV/truck tracks. We made a list of all the damage to the roads fences and vegatation and went after him in court. WE didnt care if we prevailed but we knew that we had more money to burn than him and he could not afford to defend himself. I think that this is the most effective way of dealing with people who dont respect property rights.
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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?

EXCUSE ME Sutterite??? "...If you don't actually reside there don't have an aneurism over it..." WTF does that mean? Are you saying that just because someone doesn't live on their own land then that makes it ok for "poor lil ol you" to trespass and do whatever in the hell you please? NEWSFLASH: Land is NOT meant for everyones enjoyment. Last time I checked the deed too my land had my name and ONLY my name on it. Rednecks like you are why landowners post their lands and have such a problem with it to begin with. "Poor lil ole you" is obviously a taker, a bottom feeder and an entitlement minded person. I suppose you are on welfare as well, after all it's EVERYONEs money right?

By you own philopshy, it should be ok then for me to just walk in through your front door, plop myself down in YOUR easy chair, flip on the ballgame, tell your wife to bring me a beer and then slap her on the bottom and smile at her when she does so! That is NO different than you hunting on private land without permission. Oh yeah and leave the keys in your truck and a $20 bill on the coffee table in case you run out of beer, I might need to run down too the store and get some more before the game is over!!!

I would make a SPECIAL EFFORT to have the book thrown at someone like you and hopefully get as much of "your stuff" as possible, if I caught you on my property. It's mindsets like your own that cause the landowner-user problems to begin with. Unfortunetly, people like yourself aren't fixed to prevent you from further spreading your "disease" on the rest of the populace by your having the right too have children and further the epidemic. Entitled my arse!!!

I can't believe a "human being" would actually have the gall to even THINK like you, much less post such crap!!! [:@]

The jails are "everyones" as well, show up on my place and I'll let you have a free nights stay in the jail.
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Default RE: How to deal with trespassers?

Land is meant for everyones enjoyment. If you don't actually reside there don't have an aneurism over it.
Whether you reside on the land or not you as the deed holder still pay the taxes and have the legal right to expect people torespectyour no tresspassing signs.It is an attitude like yours that causes many of thetresspassing problems.
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Quick Reply: How to deal with trespassers?

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