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Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

My father gets cold very easy and last year he tried the hand warmer packs that are air activated, but this one is a larger patch which adhered to his lower back. I think it is designed for people with lower back pain but he told me it was the best thing he had ever used to keep his entire body warm. I personally find the hand warmer packets are that little piece on top of good boots and socks, plus layered clothing that can make a miserably cold sit very enjoyable. That plus a fleece head sock over your hat.
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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

Great advice above, especially Red's. One thing I have found that works great for me....wear sweat pants over your quality undergarment(s) rather than jeans. They are looser, much more flexible, and I have found to be much warmer than jeans. I refuse to ever wear jeans when hunting. I agree, layering is best...but we all know that. The key is the right layers.
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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

Alot of good info here.

When my feet get cold I'm done - finished - outa there!
My boots have liners which I replace every 3rd year as the lining material gets compressed and is no longer effective. I buy as many foot and hand warmers as I can get a hold of prior to season. Those little warmers in boots and tucked in around neck or breast pockets will save the day when temp gets into teens. I wear a heavy stocking/cotton pull over cap and scarf. I pull all this around neck and over ears(alot of heat loss in those areas). The guys I hunt with laugh at hat and scarf garb but TS - I can out last all of them on a bitter day!

I always layer my clothing,thinnest material against skin and work out to heaviest. 2-3 pairs of socks and 3-4 layers of upper body clothing. It all makes a differance between leaving a stand after couple hours or hangin in there until something happens - Bang - In the Frezzer
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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

Anybody familiar with or use WhiteWater HPTX Base Layers?
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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

Nope - but always lookin for somethin new to try out as long as it don't cost an arm and leg!

Let er rip and tell us.
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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

saw a discovery channel show where they tested a average joe against the cold and found that as long as you keep your core body warm your hands and feet will regulate better.i bought a vest that holds like 12 heat packs around your back- chest-stomach and neck. sewing some pockets into a sweatshirt would probably do the same thing. another salesman told me if your circulation isint super duper no matter how much clothing or what you wear will matter in bitter cold. I LOVE THOSE CHEMICAL HEAT PACKS!
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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

Another trick I might've forgotten to mention was also putting a handwarmer atop your head and then putting a
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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

Some good advise from some of our cold weather friends.
It depends how you hunt and where as well as what time of year. There are times when I go into the bush and theres a 60 degree (f) change. There are times I'm sweating my arse off while enroute to my stand and then after the first hour in your stand I'm frezzing at times. Sometimes I'm even cold as I approach my treestand and wipe my stand from the snow and ice. Climb up a frozen tree at 20 below (f) at 4:30 am I kinda wonder about my sanity or maybe my obsession to full fill my goal. At about after an hour in the stand your body acclimates to the temperature. When I get very cold my body adjust to it and I am quite comfortable after I get cold. I am the kind of person that rides with my truck windows open at sub-zero weather while enroute. After 4 or 5 hours the shivers come at times while in my standand then I know I couldn't hit a broad side of barn and climb my frozen body down to the ground with my stand.At this time I am really questioning my own sanity, but I know I'll do it again tomorrow.
Dress loose and light while enroute but don't sweat, its easy to add clothes afterwards, keep your head and feet warm but it also has to do with your tolerence level on how suspectable you are to the cold. Some people are cold at 60 degrees (f) so adjust accordingly. Good luck.
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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

As a multi-sport athlete, i've known about Under Armour for a while. You won't find me on the football field in late october/november without Cold gear leggings and a cold gear top. I use heat gear and metal gear alot during track and weight lifting. I've been using the heat gear for fishing and i love it. I've used cold gear for deer hunting for a while. I love it. its the first layer i put on before i go out hunting.

Also, before season, i buy those heat packs bulk. Like 30 or 40 of them. I stuff them in a muff to keep my hands warm, in my boots, etc. I tried the sticky ones on my back, but i got so sweated up walking to my stand that they just fell off.

I really like the look of the new camo under armour, doubt I'll get any this season. focusing on scentlok stuff, as i already have other under armour(just not camo).

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Default RE: Staying Warm When The Hunting Gets Good

ORIGINAL: DoctorDeath


So, Doc, that's your "secret" to hunting in Canada! Do you have the headlights on too?
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