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cant find the deer!!!

Old 07-22-2005, 11:22 AM
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Default cant find the deer!!!

i have a question. Ive been hunting all my life and have had limited success, such as 1 deer per hunting season. my question is how do i get more deer to my stand. i put out corn and it brings maybe 1 deer, but no more than that. i know the deer are there, i just cant find them. any suggestions??
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

You can't expect to draw alldeer in. You have to be in a place they want to be or go through. Do more scouting, find areas they favor and find out why. Use the wind in your favor.Good luck.
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

In my experience, your question about how to get more deer to your stand might be your issue. I use game cameras to find out where the deer are, and that is where I put my stand. I use corn to get the deer already in the area to stop so I can get a shot. With or without game cameras, scouting is the key. I have a few semi-permanent stands, but I mostly hunt from climbers or "pop up" ground blinds. When I find an area with alot of deer activity, I will put out my camera and see what is in the area, and then I might move a blind to hunt the area. I hunt a 600 acre tract basically by myself (my sons hunt with me)within 4 wheeler ride from my house so I have the ability to check my cameras daily.I scout year around andhunt almost every day during season so the law of averages is in my favor, but YOU moving to the deer is a better plan than trying draw deer to you.
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

thanks for the suggestions. i dont have a trail camera but now im going to get one.
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

You might try putting your corn in a timed feeder that only puts out 3 or so pounds about 3:00 in the afternoon. Starting now with these feedings may may lead to some daytime visits by the deer during the season. Putting it out by the sack on the ground will usually lead to nighttime feeding. Be sure to approach and hunt into the wind.
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

check with the game management officals in your state/area and see what the deer per acre ratio is. it just might be that there arent enuff deer the in the first place. It could be that they have ample food/water in other areas to not need to move into your line of sight. I used to have a stand i thought was GREAt, on a creek with a few oaks but not one deer. comes to find out the guy next to me had 300yards of peas, and corn, and about anyother food you could imagine so they never had to come far enough up the creek to eat.
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

They claim on TV that C'mere deer is the way to go to lure deer in they claim it's the best stuff ever made. i found that infomercial fairly amusing. Try putting out some corn if legal or maybe some deer cocaine or a salt block.
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

you probably have to do some more scouting. if theres a food supply nearby natural or farm wise your little pile of corn wont cut it. i spent last season trying to make one of my new spots work but the deer never showed up during the day.
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

I'd try finding a deer trail that looks freqently used and set up a deer stand there and just see if more deer passes thru there. More than one location would be a good idea in case the wind direction is not in your favor at one location. Where I hunt, I set up at 2 different spots depending on the wind and have had sucess almost everytime I went out. Also, in my experince, the deer never actually show up until it's almost sundown then they start coming out to their feeding area which in my case is a corn field.
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Default RE: cant find the deer!!!

I say scout and put ur stand where you find the deer and not put your stand somewhere and try to get the deer to your stand.
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Quick Reply: cant find the deer!!!

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