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magical moment

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Default magical moment

The other day I was squirrell hunting. I was looking at the ground because I didn't want to put my foot in the wrong spot like a hole. I stopped and looked up and I was about fifty yards away from a fawn stareing directly at me. being a deer hunter I froze in place and just enjoyed this moment, knowing that this deer would not be killed...........at least not today.
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Default RE: magical moment

The most magical for me came nearly 50 years ago. I was on a platfom my Dad built in a tree. A flock of crows found a Great Snowy owl to harass. He landed in the tree next to mine, not more'n 10 feet away. Dad didn't care much for shootin' stuff when we were huntin' deer, so I didn't shoot any of the crows. He musta rested there for 2 or 3 minutes. It seemed like forever.
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Last fall I was hunting turkey on the north end of my place along the edge of some blackjacks the turkeys like to frequent. After sitting there for a couple hours in the warm sun, my eyes started to get heavy. When I came to, a NICE 10-point buckhad discovereda half eaten deer block I had forgottenabout. He was no more 15-20 yds away from my position. Witha lightnorth wind in my face and completely covered in camo, he never new I was there. I watched him for 10-15 minutes (I swear I didn't breath the entire time) and watched him wonder off into the timber. To me THAT is a successful hunt!!!
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Default RE: magical moment

A few years back, I was bow hunting for deer in my familar NH woods and I picked up motion behind me. Moving ever so slowly I realized it was an enormous black bear slowly walking towards me. At the time I was only 7-8 feet off the ground (hunting in front, down a large ridge) and this bear came and stopped 3 steps away, as I later measured it.

He was spectacular, absolutely beautiful and the blackest thing I have ever seen. He stopped, crouched like a catcher in baseballwhile constantly testing his nose to find an unfamilar scent (me) ...After a few moments he slowly walked back in the direction he came. When he was at about 15 yds away, I drew back by bow, put the pin right on hisvitals and told myself.."Jim, if you want a trophy black bear, just hit the release"....I held back and watched this beautiful creature walk out of sight.....
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Default RE: magical moment

a couple years ago, i was bow hunting. i was sittin up in my treestand and all of the sudden a hawk came soaring down right past me, it was probably 4-5 ft away. i thought it was flying in the air forever
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Default RE: magical moment

Stories like theseare reallywhat hunters are all about, in love with nature and truly captivated by all it's creatures/beauty! I have always explained to non-hunters our(my) love, respect and fascination with the animals in which we persue and others that inhabit the area is a large portion fuel to our passion. I would dare to say the average hunter knows/cares more for animals & their habitat than any activist group could hope to have. I truly believefor most the harvest portion hails in comparison to all the other attributes hunting brings each of us.

Good stuff guys!
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Default RE: magical moment

Those types of moments are few and far between and times and serve to remind us of the real enjoyment we get from being out there. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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Mine is when my dad finally let me go rifle hunting (with him of course) and we were sitting beside a barb-wire fence waiting for deer to come by. We heard a noise coming towards us and it was a red fox and it came a mere 3 ft from us and turned and walked the fence line from us. It was one of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen.
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Default RE: magical moment

I almost hit a fawn the other day on my scooter. It doesn't make any noise and the little one and a big doe were standing in the road.
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Default RE: magical moment

I find a lot of my best moments in the woods are without a weapon or at least without taking a shot at an animal. I love watching the creatures of the woods as the go about their daily bussiness.

I'm sure that was quite a moment you had.
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