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12 Ga. Close in killing

Old 06-04-2005, 09:02 PM
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Default 12 Ga. Close in killing

At the risk of going way off topic - this is after all a deer hunting forum, I feel compelled to ask this question. I was attacked by two huge Rotweillers today (In fairness only 1 bit me - but they were running as a pack) I ran out of my house after they threatened and chased my children - only to have them turn on me. The first one tore open my left leg behind the knee and drove me to the ground, shaking and re-biting as often as he could. By the grace of God he let me go and the second didnt immediately attack. I ran as fast as I could across the neighbors yard all the while they were in pursuit yapping at my ankles so I dove over the chain link fence, breaking my right arm in the process. I screamed for my wife to hand me my shotgun which she did (It's my deer slug gun An 870 scoped smoothbore) and I loaded 5 3" magnum Federal turkey loads (#5's). Unfortunately the dogs ran away before I could shoot them and after talking with police, the ambulance ride and spending 3.5 hours in the ER, I'll have to wait till tomorrow. Here's the ?. Are #5's enough to kill clean or should I drop down to triple ought. I'd like to take out the 22-250 and grease em from my roof but center fire rifles are illegal to shoot where I live. Any comments appreciated. If they do charge again I'm pretty sure I can get 3 "accurate" shots off before they get too close.
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Old 06-04-2005, 09:11 PM
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

I would go with buckshot unless they are going to be 10 yards or so.

If you are located in a place where you can't shoot a rifle, it sounds populated. It may be best to let the cops and dogcatcher handle it or you may be headed for legal trouble. With a broken arm it might be hard to get off over one shot.
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Old 06-04-2005, 09:28 PM
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

Man!!!!! I thought I had a bad day!!!!!
Buck shot is the way to go but......The dogs aren't worth getting yourself in trouble over! If they are an immediate threat and you need to protect your family I would let the led fly!!!!!! If your just going to shoot them because of what already happened you may find yourself in a bind after the shooting.... Use your head... Don't get yourself in trouble or give the anti's more ammo to use against hunters by making us look like blood thirsty animals!!!!!! At the same time NO animal is going to hurt my children if I can help it! I'll deal with the law after I save my kids!!!!
Good Luck!!!!!
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Old 06-04-2005, 10:20 PM
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

The #5's will cause even a large dog to immediately change it's actions when hit with a good percentage of the load at 10-15 yards. The dog will probobly eventually bleed out and die, there will be alot of bleeders inside. I would move to an 0 or 00 as this will end things much more quickly.

But heed the advice. Don't go looking for trouble. I understand where you're coming from but that is all over. You better be double extra super duper careful if your thinking of shooting when kids or others are around.

Whose dogs are these anyway? Maybe a few "concerned individuals" might want to get together and sort of "adopt" them, or see that "they go to a much better place" before any more innocent folk are affected by them.

I think you should be talking with an attorney ASAP. Whose going to pay your medical bills? Whose going to take responsibility for your lost wages? What about lasting effects of these injuries? Is there a track record of these mutts running around uncontrolled?

Uncle Matt (in IL)
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

Yep buckshot if you dont have a assualt weapon, Under attack I would use one of my assualt rifles and pump all 40 rounds in to them. And then rifle butt beat the owners of the dogs and sue the hell out of t hem.After all the owners are the real fault. Are they going to give you rabies treatment???
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Old 06-05-2005, 04:47 AM
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

Where do you live, in a rural area? Where is the animal control people? You say they were running as a pack. A pack of how many, 2, or were there more? If your neighbours house is that close I would suspect you can't shoot a shotgun either in a residental area. The arthorities should be making every effort to quartine these dogs so there is no chance of gunfire in a populated area. Now if you are in a rural area, well that's a book of a different color. You were tore up pretty good, hope you recover with no permanent problems.
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

i had a similar yet very different ending last turkey season with a pit bull. got out of my truck, loaded my gun with no fives, and was confronted by a stocky little pit and his buddy. I just stood there talking nice when the pit came at me and then stopped about ten feet away. I figured, 'why the hell am I talking nice to this dog?' I don't care what anyone says, I hate pits, and will never like them. they are mean, period. so I start to walk to my spot when the little [email protected]@ comes at me again. I put the gun on him and he stops. I am just itching for him to take another step so I can make speghetti out of his head. he didn't and someone else shot and killed him in the next month for threatening them. yeah, no. fives will work, but I don't know how the local law enforcement will see it. I know I had, and you did have, very good reasons to kill the dogs, but to go and find it unprovoked, I don't know about.
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

Bigger. I don't even like 5's on a coon. You want to stop them dead in their tracks. You saved the kids, that's the main thing. Well done! They'll have a story to tell know.
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

sorry to hear about your day, sounds like it really sucked. i would go with the buckshot. it will kill just about anything within 50 or 60 yards, at short ranges, it comes out almost like a giant ball of lead. it doesnt have time to open up. if it were me though, i would only shoot them if they come back again. dont go looking for them, you are only asking for trouble. its almost like shooting a bear, you really shouldn't do it unless it is threatening you or your family.
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Default RE: 12 Ga. Close in killing

Get a lawyer, you'll end up owning their house and when you rent it back to them tell them no dogs. While the lawyer is taking everything they own, poison the dogs - it's quieter.
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