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trapper T 10-30-2004 12:36 AM

I may have just blown it!
Well, I think I may have just blew my chance at not having tag soup for the winter feast[:'(].

I have a little clearcut near my house that I can get in an hour or two of hunting after work. I've hit it for 5 or six days so far, real brushy, it's not really a clear cut anymore but thick dog hair. But the bucks in there get BIG. Well I walk in about a mile to an area where about three big boys are really gettin' after it , on last Friday I walked through the thickest spot only to hear something biggie not a chance of seeing it in there anyway. So last night I roll in there, but the wind is wrong in that one spot, so as I wlak by I smell a deer(wish He'd step on the road) I wish. walk a little farther and I can smell three different ones, so I hunt til dark but nothing will come to the open.
So now comes tonight, I get a little later start and it takes about a half hour to get to my spot. I'm walking fast but not bad, I come to that spot, got the wind in my favor and a good dose of deer pee on my legs, so I try a few grunts, and bleats so as if a deer hears me walking maybe he'll buy that I'm one of them. So I storll on peering through any and all openings amongst the brush, I look to my left through an group of small alders....THERE HE WAS.... standing broadside about 15 yards away. In no hurry either, well I had taken my M/L with me due to the fact, you won't get more than one shot and no scope is easier in this stuff, Plus I'm itchin to bag something with it,well back to the shot[&:] 15 yards and through these limbs, so in order to not hit branch and veer off I gotta take a back bone shot, 15 yards...did I mention that? Poof right over his back, and seemingly He knew it was a M/L because he slowly sauntered off while I'm reloading[:o]
Anyone ever tell you how hard it is to load a M/L under Buck fever conditions? Man well checked for a hit and found nothing, so hopefully now that the rut is on I can get him to pop out again. Nice buck too I figured him to be between 100-120 B/C. That's pretty good sized for a Blackie. Man Igot to work most of the day tomorrow but you can bet I'll be out there tomorrow afternoon...and with a Win Mod 70 7MM this time;)

ELK101 11-01-2004 05:22 PM

RE: I may have just blown it!
Trapper- I had that almost same thing happen to me 3 years ago while elk hunting. It was early in the morning and I had to take care of a morning duty as the walk in made my bowels loosen up. So I had just finished when I hear crunch crunch crunch. It was three cows running about 10 feet away. I new there was something else comming up the ridge because I could hear him breathing. It was a spike with about 18-20" tines. He stopped right in front of me. About 8-10' away. I thought MAN, did you just make the biggest mistake of your young life. I aimed for his neck as I didn't want to waste any tasty meat. It was a major incline that we were on but I thought shoot I can put it right on him and fire. Well I too shot right over his back. He stood there for me to reload my M/L but under such stupendous stress I couldn't get a cap on my nipple to save my life. he finally cought my scent and bounded off down through the thickest nasty snag pile you can imagine. He was killed about 30 seconds later by my hunting partner. I got my cow that season in that late hunt in Little naches. FUN hunting when you only have one shot. But you better damn well make it count as it is very difficult to get it all together for another shot. Take care.

ps, where do you hunt Blackies? Do you know any decent spots for the late hunt for M/L tags, prefer the west side

mattyk6 11-02-2004 02:13 PM

RE: I may have just blown it!
A similar thing happened to me saturday morning, only I didn't even get a shot off.

My dad has had one hip replacement and needs another, so he just sits in the truck or finds a close spot to the road to sit. Well, that day he just sat in the truck in a 50x100 yrd clearing. I had just returned from my morning walk, unloaded my rifle, got in the truck with my dad, and we were talking about where to head next. I looked to my right and about 25 yards away, I see this spike bull trotting. As soon as I opened the door, he starting sprinting. I didn't even get a chance to get the scope on him. This happened up on Bethel ridge. I didn't see another spike all weekend, just some cows. Probably won't even get another chance. :(

slee 11-02-2004 11:45 PM

RE: I may have just blown it!
Elk101, you should shoot me an e-mail. I've got a spot I'll devulge to you that was pretty good to me last year. Unfortunately I didn't close the deal. 5 does in a clearing at first light, all less than 100 yards. It had been drizzling on the bike ride in, but I thought I had protected the nipple. Anyway, I ended up snapping the trigger 3 times on a large doe standing broadside at 50 yards. She finally fired on the 3rd time, but I guess I was expecting the click again, and missed her. Since I didn't know at the time if I connected on her, I passed on a walking shot on one of her buddies at 40 yards. Anyway, I'm back to flinging arrows now.

Trapper, good luck. I hate how those slam dunks always seem to get rejected. And it ain't just buck fever for me. The does get me pumped too, and I hope that never changes.

trapper T 11-03-2004 06:27 AM

RE: I may have just blown it!
I know it happens too us all from time to time, and your right Slee it ain't just Buck fever, although in having this little episode I know now I probably won't go and use loose powder....for I'd have a big pile of it on the ground next to my feet trying to reload for a 2nd shot;) I hope the barrel wasn't wigglin' that much when I was aim;)[:o]

Well how's this to rub salt ina wound...The very next day(Sat.) I had to work and it was a house out in a remote area of Issaquah, well I had my rifle(7MM) in the truck so I could go right after work. Well at break my partner and I were sitting around shooting the Bull, when I catch a flicker out of the corner of my eye. Hear stands the Biggest 4X4 I'd ever partner too for that matter."WOW" I said."Should I shoot him!!!!" My co-worker said" %$#%@ YES!!!!!" so as I run out to my truck, the buck slowly sauntered off into the thick Vine Maple and Blackberry patch[:o] There's always Late buck so I'll be out there again. A while back I asked the Good Lord to let me really enjoy a good hunting season and maybe even hunt during the Rut....Becareful what you wish for....;)

Hey Slee and Elk101, you guys use M/L much for deer? What's the late season like? Are they still pretty "Rutty" then? Maybe next year I'll M/L for deer too?

trapper T 11-03-2004 06:30 AM

RE: I may have just blown it!

Trapper, good luck. I hate how those slam dunks always seem to get rejected. And it ain't just buck fever for me. The does get me pumped too, and I hope that never changes

No doubt, I was asking my Dad that very thing, 200yards and out I've corked more than a few right threw the neck, but at 10-15 yards I can't hit the rib cage on a 200lb'er [&:][:o]?????????

Buddy of mine, his Daughter(9) missed a huge 160 class buck I guess after uttering the words" there's no way I can miss him lying there" Man I know I've said that a couple times[:'(]

billythekidrock 11-03-2004 09:49 AM

RE: I may have just blown it!
Trapper T

Sounds like you found a honey hole. I think patience will be the key. If you have a few bucks in a small area, one is bound to be around and on the hunt for does. During the late season I would try rattles, scents or bleats, or just plain ol' stealth depending on what the situation calls for.

If they are into recouperating rather than chasing does it will be a little tougher, but here are a few tricks I have used in the past.

Wind at my back.
One year it was very dry and I was having a hard time hunting some thick brush without making much noise. So with the wind at my back I went into the brush trying not to make too much noise. After a half hour I backed out moved down about 300 yards and snuck back in and shot a 3 point that was trying to skirt around my and my scent that drifted farther than I had walked.

Throwing rocks.
Almost every blacktail hunter I know throws or rolls rocks down draws to "kick something out", but not many throw rocks at deer they have jumped.
One year I jumped a large deer bedded in thick brush on the edge of a steep incline with an old cut below. I did not get a look at it, but it sounded large so I decided to try and jump it again. I found some large tracks and followed them away from the incline and into a flat of timber. I jumped the deer and saw horns as it headed for a skidder road back along the edge of the incline. I followed the tracks along the road until they went into some of the thickest, nastiest stuff you could imagine. As far as I was concerned that deer was gone so I decided to try something. I picked up a rock and threw it about ten yards into the brush, then threw a second about twenty yards, and when I threw the third rock farther then the others....I heard the deer jump and move away from me. I backed off a bit and hooked below the deer on the incline and found a good spot to glass the old cut. That deer went away from me and pulled a button hook and was now sneaking back through the old cut. He was a short, heavy horned 3x4 blacktail, but field dressed at 195 lbs..

trapper T 11-03-2004 07:07 PM

RE: I may have just blown it!
Nice info Billy, I never thought of doing that perticular rock trick.I'll keep that in mind. I'm hoping since the rut seems to be near it's peak, that they'll still be giddy come Late Buck....I think your right about the Honey hole part, I took a 5X3 that grossed 102 B/C in there along with another guy I know took a 5 point witha a big drop tine out of there...all within the last 5 years. I'm thinking there's three big bucks in there, there's just too much rubbing to be one deer, and the littler bucks won't even respond to any calls or rattling...which could mean that like a Jake turkey they won't even bother cuz all they get is another A$$ whoopin';)

slee 11-03-2004 08:01 PM

RE: I may have just blown it!
I personally don't put much stock in rattling in blackies. I've successfully rattled in whitetails many times, but blacktails don't really seem to care. I've tried it in places that were loaded with BIG buck sign, and no luck. They aren't any where near as aggressive as whitetails, so I'd be really careful about how hard and long you rattle. I usually just tickle them together like 2 bucks feeling each other out more so than a knock down drag out fight. I think they come in more out of curiosity than to fight, but that's just my opinion. As the old saying goes, "A blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while", so you might get lucky sooner or later.

The opening week of late ML and archery season hits right around the peak of the rut "usually", but it seems to be early this year based on reports I've heard. I hunted ML last year for the first time, but usually I carry a bow.

trapper T 11-03-2004 08:40 PM

RE: I may have just blown it!
Thanks Slee, I might just smokepole for deer too next year...unless I keep missin' them with the darn thing;)

I think the Rut came on just a hair early, I saw some decent bucks taken early on that had the big neck syndrome, my guess is the peak maybe either this next week or right around time for the Late rifle hunt(I pray).

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