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Brandon_SPC 05-08-2016 07:12 AM

Wyoming Coyote Hunting?
Okay so I have been on the Wyoming website for game and fish and I am overwhelmed on where to hunt. I have off June 20th-29th and plan to make a trip to Wyoming where a buddy just got stationed (Cheyenne) and we are either driving down to Colorado to go on a trout fishing trip but I really want to hunt some western coyotes... From my understanding you do not need a hunting license to hunt coyotes (correct me if I am wrong) but where to hunt is over whelming. The WMAs, private land access, public land access and the list goes on. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to go? Possibly what public land to look at or try? And is there anything else I need to be filled in on? All help is extremely appreciated it.

DJfan 05-09-2016 05:59 AM

I live here and hunt just about everything but coyotes. They are everywhere, though. I would ask the guys at the Game & Fish, or the guys at Sportsman's here in town. Sorry I don't have more info about this.

The fishing in CO is amazing. The Pouder River in Fort Collins is my favorite place to fish in the whole world. Fly fishing paradise.

There are pronhorn and geese all over the base where your buddy is based, but they don't let them hunt for them here.
I would ask land owners about hunting for yotes. You are better to go north for that, as Cheyenne has that CO feel to it. Meaning that there are touchy folk here about such things.

Iowawhitetail2016 05-12-2016 08:51 AM

I live in Laramie right now and there's a bunch up by Glendo. I'm sure there's landowners that will let you coyote hunt. There's a lot in Medicine Bow National Forest as well. You're correct, you don't need a hunting license to hunt Coyotes here in WY.

"Coyotes and jackrabbits are legally classified as predators along with raccoons, red fox, porcupines and skunks. Under Wyoming law, these animals may be taken year round and no license is required. However hunters must still abide by other laws pertaining to the taking of wildlife, i.e. prohibition of shooting from roads, fulfilling hunter safety requirements, hunting using artificial light etc. Further explanation of the dos and don'ts regarding these and other laws is contained in any Wyoming hunting regulation pamphlet."

Brandon_SPC 05-12-2016 12:02 PM

Thanks guys I appreciate everything.... Looks like I will be going on a fishing trip.. He isn't feeling the whole coyote hunting but that is fine because it has been about 10 years since I have caught a nice rainbow or brown trout! I really do appreciate the information guys thank you.

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