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Montana Man 10-18-2012 01:24 PM

What is everyones hunting season looking like?
How is everyone hunting looking this year?
For being in a drought we are actually looking pretty good. Not much water, but we hardly hayed anything so the wildlife have an abundant of food and a lot of them are seen using our stock tanks as water sources. The mule deer are out and everywhere with some signs of good looking bucks, but itís still awhile before the rut begins when the big guys really show up. We have a good size antelope herd on our alfalfa fields that are barely moving when we drive past. Some good looking bucks in them as well. The elk are out and about talking in the mornings and we have seen some good numbers in the herds around. Not sure if Iíll get a tag this year. Iím still eating on the cow from last year and our freezers are still all full. We even have some tom turkeys that are hanging around our bins eating what we drop. Iíll probably spend most of the fall coyote and varmint hunting getting their numbers down so everyone elseís goes up. Itís a great time to live in southeast Montana. What does it look like in your area?

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