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Alan3006 11-22-2008 07:13 PM

Bar 7MM-08 Rem.
I have the oppotunity to buy a mint used BAR in 7MM-08 Rem next week.
I have owned a Remington Model 742 semi-auto.30-06 for 40 years which owes me nothing. I am not familiar with the 7MM-08 Rem. I hunt whitetails alwaysand moose frequently. The 180 grain in my .30-06 is a great moose killer and obviously effective on deer. What would I use in the 7MM-08 Rem. that would be effective medicine for moose ? I use factory loads. Anyone using this combo for moose that would share thoughts on brand, bullet, and grain would be appreciated. Also I suspect I would use a different bullet for whitetails ? I will be putting a Leupold Variable 2-7 Rifleman scope on it. Thx Al


RE: Bar 7MM-08 Rem.
I have the model 700 30-06 and I reload my own bullets with nosler bullets 180 grains and I love it! I use 52grains of powder. I love the gun and bullets! I shot a whitetail buck last year with it and got both heart and lungs and that thing only went 18 yards before droping! The bullet really expands when it hits bone so when it does that it makes a big exit hole!

I don't know anything about the 7mm-08 but my Uncle uses a 7mmand he deer and elk hunts with it with the same bullets and he normally drops deer in their tracks with it!

RaghornHS 12-01-2008 04:29 PM

RE: Bar 7MM-08 Rem.
I have a Remington 7mm-08 and I don't think I'd use it for Moose, even with hand loads!

SILVERTIP-CO 12-13-2008 07:26 AM

RE: Bar 7MM-08 Rem.
Sounds like you have a good setup. 139/140gr bullets will work for all. Good luck on your hunts.

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