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WinchesterX150 03-30-2007 04:47 PM

Meeker Colorado
howdy guys. Just was wondering if there are good areas for mule deer during muzzleloading season. My dads a sheriff in meeker and we're looking for a good area to hunt. our hunting area is 90 miles away and now that we sold out camper "stupid!" i thought it would be best to find some where closer that holds a good number of deer during the muzzleloading season. Im not looking for bucks, We're all going in for doe's this year but i may put in for a buck tag also. Just incase one pops up. They always seem to pop up all over the place when you dont have a tag for one :D.. Any help would be great guys.

camelcluch 03-31-2007 09:02 AM

RE: Meeker Colorado
Meeker is awesome! If dad is a Sheriff, you should be able to get permission fairly easy. Also, up by Trapper's Lake is some good public access. Ask around town, the people there are friendly and know a lot about the land/animals. Good Luck!

SILVERTIP-CO 03-31-2007 08:32 PM

RE: Meeker Colorado
I need to see that area. Let's go...:)

madmax83192 04-02-2007 12:05 PM

RE: Meeker Colorado
There is plenty of deer over there you wont have any trouble exspecially for does that is unit 11 right? we hunt in gmu 11 for elknot far from meeker and theres Alot of deer we see 50-150 deer per day when we are driving the canyons

frontier gander 04-02-2007 12:19 PM

RE: Meeker Colorado
Thanks madmax. Im the same guy BTW. Do you think i'd have any luck getting an elk in unit 11 during muzzleloading season? i know elk hunting up in that part is great during the late season but not sure about during muzzleloading. Havnt shot an elk going on 9 years! We're putting in for our tags tomorrow for doe's in unit 11 and i figured i may as well spend the $49 incase theres a cow elk nearby.

Do you hunt muzzleloading season or rifle?

madmax83192 04-02-2007 12:49 PM

RE: Meeker Colorado
I hunt rifle season....i have never been up there hunting before 3rd rifle season so therfore i do not know but it seems to me the best times to hunt are very early in the season or very late and were we hunt in unit 11 it is all sagebrush down near meeker there will be more vegitation i dont know what hunting will be like during muzzule loading season but who knows if you dont get a tag you may regret it sorry i couldnt be of more help.

frontier gander 04-02-2007 07:34 PM

RE: Meeker Colorado
Allrighty, We're all setup for 3 doe tags for 211. Hope we get the tags and hopefully see some deer! Got a new .45cal sidelock muzzleloader to try out this year.

madmax83192 04-02-2007 08:20 PM

RE: Meeker Colorado
Ha ha that looks like a nice gun how far can you accuratley shoot that?

frontier gander 04-02-2007 08:28 PM

RE: Meeker Colorado
Should be good up to 120 yards. But just incase i need a few more yards, i'll have the x-150 inline in the truck and that ones good up to 200.

So far for the .45 pictured above i'll be using a 225 grain aerotip powerbelt and 60 or 70 grains Pyrodex RS. I have a lot of time to play with other bullets before i decide which one i'll go with.

We put unit 35 as our second choice and i know where the deer are there so either way, we should bring something home to the dinner pot. I'll let you know if we see any elk in september and where at. You may have to buya muzzleloader and ditch the centerfire[8D]

madmax83192 04-03-2007 08:40 AM

RE: Meeker Colorado
Ha...ya my dad hunted unit 36 for elk and deer for 20 years before we moved near maybell. If i was going to try and get a bull somewhere i wouldnt try unit 11 i would try 36. Ya make sure you tell me about your trip when you get back!

Silver_Wolf 04-07-2007 09:00 PM

RE: Meeker Colorado
If you put unit 11/211 down, I doubt you'll have any trouble. They had over 3000 tags leftover last year in the general rifle season. My dad and I bought some leftover tags and took out cowboy lever action's out for the doe hunt. Both shot a nice table fare doe's at about 40-50 yards away. During out course of playing around and scouting we saw a pretty large herd of elk in unit 211, only a few bulls and rag horns though but over 100+ cow calf's. On a side not we saw the most concentration of deer to be down along the south side of 11 near the white river, but I'm sure they are all over the unit. Good luck on your hunt.

Coloradoelkhunter 02-01-2019 03:44 AM


Originally Posted by madmax83192 (Post 2017617)
There is plenty of deer over there you wont have any trouble exspecially for does that is unit 11 right? we hunt in gmu 11 for elknot far from meeker and theres Alot of deer we see 50-150 deer per day when we are driving the canyons

do you have a preferred season to hunt elk in this unit

elkman30 02-01-2019 09:55 PM

You do realize that this is a 12 year old topic and none of the members who posted in it have posted in years right?

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