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*Hiker* 06-16-2006 06:37 PM

Colorado Private Land Access POLL..
Steve Hilde, is conducting this poll for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. The program will be similar to Montana's Block Management, Wyoming's Access Yes and Idaho's program...It could open up Millions of acres of Private land to us hunters. Please take a few minutes and take it.

Steve Hilde writes.........I am requesting the CDOW sponsor a hunter access proposal which is posted at the web link. I am leveraging the CDOW's sportsmen's advisory group process to seek support and sponsorship.
I am hoping by posting this here, it will create some awareness and support in the sportsmen community for this concept. As well, your feedback would be very valuable for me.

Please look at the data on the web link, and take the poll. If possible let me know your thoughts. I am rookie when it comes to web site design, let me know if you can see the slides or have any trouble.

I hope you can the make the SAG meeting held in your region to further this proposal with the alternatives you support. If it is not on the agenda, please bring it up.

While you consider the concept, please keep in mind how many people may live in Colorado 25, 50 or 100 years from now. If projections are met, think of the pressure, and usage demands placed on public lands by not only hunters, but all user communities. Where will the wildlife be with all the pressure on public lands? I believe the time to get this started is now.

I will be seeking the support of the Colorado Wildlife federation, CBA, RMBS, WSSC and the CMDA. If there are other conservation/advocacy groups that may support this, please let me know so I may contact them.



Howler 06-17-2006 08:16 AM

RE: Colorado Private Land Access POLL..
I like the idea, but as I typed in the "comments" section after the poll, in KS. I have witnessed the outfitters following the leasing trail and simply out-bidding the state for the leases. In other words, the state leased land for thier walk-in program, then outfitters simply went to the farmers/ranchers that had leased to the state, and they offered more money. The outfitters let the state find the farmers/ranchers interested in leasing, and took advantage of it. So, for the program to work, the farmers/ranchers need to be payed in such that it's not so easy to be out bid by outfitters!!
Think about it like this, let's say for example that the state leases 640 acres for $3/acre and they post the section as "walk'in" open to any hunter that has proper license to hunt during season. Joe Blow hunter can come and go any time during season and the farmer/rancher has no idea who, how many, when they will be there, who left the gate open, who shot my cow, etc. SO an outfitter comes along and offers the farmer/rancher $4/acre and makes the promise that he will only bring a maximum of x number of hunters and each hunter will be with one of his guides, and they will be sure to close all gates, leave no trash, only kill x amount of game, not harm any domestic animals, etc. etc.
Who will the farmer/rancher lease to?? SO, I guess, how does the state compete? Like I said, I like the idea, BUT I've seen it fail to some degree in my home state!

*Hiker* 06-19-2006 10:52 AM

RE: Colorado Private Land Access POLL..
Howler, Great points. We will have to address these issues. Thanks.

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