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Have 2 Hunt 07-09-2005 04:20 PM

Wyoming unit 64 Antelope
Well I guess if you fill out enough applications eventually you will get lucky, I drew a Wyoming unit 64 antelope tag. We really don't want to drag my travel trailer all the way there for a few days of huntin speed goats on the high praire. So does anyone know of a cheap motel in the area. A quick Google search on Jeffery City ruled out the closest town on the map so the nearest thing I can find is in Lander. I guess there is always the old tent. I will talk to Garth Carter of Carter's Hunters Services on Tuesday, he said he has hunted the area and had a good spot in mind for us to hunt but I don't know what he did for lodging. I guess I will have to wait till Tuesday to find out.

RandyA 07-10-2005 09:02 PM

RE: Wyoming unit 64 Antelope
Jeff City has a dilapidated motel that is ok. And you could do a tent camp just about anywhere in that area. Lots of public land. It is actually a neat area. I have worked there lots as has my son. It is easy to find arrow heads there.He has stayed in the motel for weeks. But, they are opening the uranium mines again and it might make a room scarce. Rawlins might be closer. Drive to Wamsutter then drive north on the eastern boundry of your area. That road is the boundry and it goes to Jeff Ciity. Don't even think about staying in Wamsutter, it has grown from 250 to almost a 1000 in the last few years and everything is full.

Have 2 Hunt 07-11-2005 09:26 PM

RE: Wyoming unit 64 Antelope
Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated. Ill start looking for a phone number for the Jeff City motel.

WYOBILL 07-25-2005 02:00 PM

RE: Wyoming unit 64 Antelope
it not jeff city it is JEFFREY CITY good antelope in area . bill

RandyA 07-27-2005 10:39 AM

RE: Wyoming unit 64 Antelope
LOL! Yeah! But when I lived there it was reffered to as Jeff City, same as where I live now,Thermopolis is reffered to as Thermop.

Forgive me father for I have sinned! :eek:

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