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JIMSWHIM 03-12-2021 12:40 PM

mrbb, mine looks just like that but has double triggers

Oldtimr 03-13-2021 05:02 AM

I had a Mod 311 in 12 gauge, Mod and full. I used steel shot in it when that was all that was available and it did not hurt my barrels, no bulging in the area of the full choke. I would not use steel in my high end doubles though.

mrbb 03-13-2021 06:24 AM

Originally Posted by JIMSWHIM (Post 4389229)
mrbb, mine looks just like that but has double triggers

yeah I figured it was a double trigger gun
they made about a million of them with that engraved receiver , but only a very small percent were of single trigger versions, as only made them for 2 yrs of the decades of production they had on the rest!

steel shot is one of them things, it just doesn't compress and shouldn;t be shot thru full chokes
yes many have and do , do it without issue's
but it can and has been proven to damage some barrels too!

its one of them risks you have to decide if its worth it or not for you!

as I said, if it was me, I personally just wouldn;t load the barrel with the full choke on it, as they say, better safe than sorry!

since this gun I gather is more a sentimental valued gun over just any SHOTGUN to hunt with

but that's your call! your gun!

and I would be sticking to LOW powered shells too, w
your talking about a gun that is almost a 100 yrs old pending when made, and they came a LONG way with modern powders and pressure they can make!

as I said, this is a more sentimental valued gun, no?

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